Exactly 25 years ago, this woman was assassinated on the streets of Nigeria's commercial hub of Lagos on the orders of the Nigerian military head of state, a Kanuri soldier who would stop at nothing to exterminate those he considered his enemies. 

The weapon used in killing her was a Belgian-made FN P90 submachine gun which is specifically designed for special forces to kill terrorists, this is a high-caliber weapon that can fire up to 900 rounds per minute. General Saninegeria Mohammed Abacha (known to many as Sani Abacha) gave the go-ahead that such a weapon be used on a defenceless woman. 

By the way, it was quite easy to assassinate this woman because some of her close associates were willing to leak sensitive details about her movement. 

On her last day on earth, she was making efforts to get freedom for her husband,business mogul and undeclared winner of the June 12,1993 election Kashimawo Abiola  who had been incarcerated by the same junta.