A Tale Of Two Political Opportunists

There is a saying in Ijesa in Osun State, that an errand you undertake without being sent, is accompanied with punishments and suffering. If not accompanied with insults and disgrace.
And no one would be surprised if lugubrious ingonimity and loss of goodwill and respect by Nigerian public and the whole world, accompany Fani-Kayode and Governor Yahaya Bello, the latest two political opportunists in town unsolicited mission to Abuja. Yes! For going on an errand they were not sent on behalf any group or people from the south! Or can two lawyers appear for you in court without you engaging their services? Now who among them in the south engaged the services of these two political opportunists, to accompany these food vendors to Abuja to be begged?
Who among the Southerners sent them on a face saving errand for Hausa/Fulani food vendors? I won't call them NORTHERNERS. The over 450 ethnic nationalities in the north that are being oppressed and subjugated for centuries and decades understand why I won't call them that. When it comes to political ego massaging, sympathy and opportunity to pursue premordial political interests they deceive the world with the language of "NORTHERNERS"
When they finally cornered what they are after, the winners take all mentality comes in and the 450 northern ethnic nationalities are sidelined in favour of Hausa/Fulani hegemonists! And if they dare whimper, they send their herdsmen and bandits after them! Otherwise how can you explain the killings and butcherings in Middle Belt region if they are truly NORTHERNERS? Can NORTHERNERS be killing NORTHERNERS? So let Ahmed Lawani in the Red Chamber in Abuja go and tell that infamous BBC story of "Southwest governors and NORTHERNERS" to the marines! Then let him continue with his "rubber stamp" duty in the hallowed chamber.
Let us leave that issue of NORTHERNERS dead chicken the "yansh" wind has since blown open "tey tey" for another day. Now to the Hausa/Fulani foods sellers in the north face saving mission to Abuja. They threatened blockade of foods to the South and they carried it out. And what was the result?
The Southerners fell back to their own very sour garri Ijebu and Edo, plantain flour, yam flour, yam tubers, cocoyams, cassava starch, ogi pap and agidi. For stews and soups, they turned to ugwu, tètè, òdú, wòròwó, gbúre, banga, oha, ogbono egusi etc that does not need imputs of beans, millet, onions, tomato, tatase etc from the north. And the effect?
The streets of the south were not littered with dead bodies of people who died of hunger. Exactly as late Umaru Dikko observed it in the early eighties.
But the streets of Hausa/Fulani cities, towns and villages even hamlets were filled with odius stench of unsold rotten tomatoes, onions, and allied vegetables. The prices of these goods also crashed like a pack of cards in their markets! Thanks to the economic law of demand and supply! Then an economic calamity set whereby these mai abinchis lost tens of billions in a matter of weeks! Meanwhile life goes on and fine in the south as if nothing happened. Of course nothing happened. Even southern elites make do with tea, bread and eggs which of course they can comfortably afford since Promasidor, Cadbury, Nestlé and Nigeria Flour Mills were located in Lagos and not in Kano or Kaduna! And Apapa wharf and Tin Can Island were not situated in Bauchi or Sakwato.
Then the "mai kasuwa abinchins" of Hausa/Fulani saw shame and disgrace staring at them eye ball to eyeball. But true to type as cats with nine lives and grand masters at deceit, they embarked on a face saving mission to Abuja to deceive the gullible world as usual but not Nigerians that are so smart, that even the world doff their hats for them! And two political opportunists came handy. Yaya Bello of Kogi State governor who is flying the kite of a presidential ambition and Femi Fani-Kayode who is looking for political relevance. And of course also nursing a political ambition and therefore, like Prophet Elijah said to baal worshippers - halting between two opinions of PDP and APC. Their mission with "mai kasuwa abinchis" to Abuja?
To fool themselves and the world but not Nigerians who are smarter anyway, that they came to beg on behalf of southern Nigerians for these economic losers to lift their so called "food" blockade!
I would rather leave a sitting Governor on his mission to Kala. Afterall it has been discovered that the purported State House Fani and bello led these food vendors to was a "make shift, make believe" villa. Not the real Aso Rock Villa, the seat of power at Asokoro axis of Abuja. There is no part of Aso Rock Villa painted in such two different riotous sub quality colours.Red paint on one side, lemon green colour on the other. A man that want to run for Nigeria president come 2023, flying that kind fraudulent photoshop of a scam, what happens if he gets to power with Fani as his vice? Or that not what the boy from Osun is rooting at? Nigerians are among the smartest and brightest homo sapiens on earth. Like a good chess player they could detect the other man's move from afar. They are fast at reading between the lines! Very fast.
And leave the Nigerian public and the world to read between the lines on FemiFani-Kayode. And also leave or rather challenge Nigeria journalists to live up to expectations on FFK. All Joseph Wayas the second republic senate president said was to recommend that Nigerian journalists should be caned! He said nothing more than that. And Nigerian journalists made sure Wayas suffered a total coverage blackout, that made him never to be relevant nor reckoned with in the scheme of things in Nigeria - social or political. Fani did worse to the revered journalism profession.
So what are you Nigerian journalists still doing covering events where this political opportunist desperate for relevance "show face"? Could it be brown envelopes factor like the same Fani accused you of or what? Or could be that you are not united to take on somebody who went that far to slight and bring low your profession like you did Joseph Wayas?
Soji Omole