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Friday, May 1, 2020

Kakanfo Latosa

Ibadan City
The twelveth Aare-ona-Kakanfo, Kakanfo Latosa of Ibadan, usurped the title by force. He did this by displacing Ojo Aburumaku of Ogbomosho, the eleventh Kakanfos of the Oyo empire.
Indeed, it was Kakanfo Latosa who captured the seemingly untouchable Iyalode of the lbadan, Efunsetan Aniwura, the notorious slave trader, and caused her to be clubbed to death because of her sadistic way of life that had grevous spillover effect on the way she maltreats her slaves. Even sending any errant slave to be gullotine at will. Especially the females ones among them who date get pregnant.
An ongoing project in Ibadan metropolis
However, even he Latosa fell victim intigues of office of an Aare.
Latosa was confronted by a palace coup and under dramatic circumstances, he committed suicide. He had a notorious slave according to history, who grew increasingly disrespectful of the generals. Latosa did not curb this behaviour until the deputy commander, Balogun Ibikunle was insulted by the slave.
University of Ibadan gate
Ibikunle could not believe his ears when Latosa asked the slave to state his side of the case like two equals squabbling. Ibikunle simply beheaded the arrogant slave there and then, right in Latosa's presence. Latosa then asked Ibikunle if he was ready to take the sceptre of office, to which Ibikunle answered in the affirmative. There was no negative response from the other commanders present. Not to even challenge Ibikunle's sudden posture. That was when Latosa realised that he had overrated his own popularity.
Latosa, depicted as an overbearing and brutal warrior who goes about like a masquerade, was stunned by the turn of sudden events and he swallowed poison. He simply laid down and covered himself like one in a sleep.

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