And He Did Not Meet Any Of Them Alive

When Awolowo was sentenced to prison, a lot of Progressives were shocked, some died instantly and some became sickly! Some people(Bishops and Statesmen) went to beg the Central Government of Zik and Balewa. The Government agreed to free Awolowo but, knowing fully well that Awolowo would not agree, they said his wife HID must come to beg the government and after that, Awolowo would be freed. The aim was to put Awolowo's wife pictures begging the government on front pages of major newspapers.
But Awo's Jewel refused to devalue
herself which earned her
more market value among others
The 'Eminent' men went to meet HID and persuaded her to beg the government. HID thanked them all but said she could only do that if her husband permitted her, if not, she would not. Recall in 1986, similar offer was made to General Buhari's former wife Safinatu but she fell for it and that cost her her marriage.
The eminent men went to meet Awolowo in prison and begged him to allow his wife beg the government, they cited many verses from the Bible(Read My March through Prisons or Travails of Democracy and the Rule of Law by Chief Obafemi Awolowo). Awolowo, in reply, thanked them very well but declined. He said "my wife beg who exactly? Will she kneel down or prostrate?
Awo: He stuck to his values
to the end
Beg for what offence exactly? That I plotted a Coup? That's ridiculous! You're men of God, you should know that God does not not encourage people to bow to injustice...."....
Awolowo allegedly said "I believe I should not be in prison but here I am, the only Premier that ended up in prison for no reason. If we are confused about my innocence, let God be the Judge.
If truly I did what they accused me of, I will not come out of this prison alive but if I am innocent, I will not spend my life here in prison, I will come out and as the Lord lives, I won't meet any of those who conspired against me alive.
Compaoré: though alive now settles for snacks
and soft drinks. Whatever that is supposed to mean for an ex president of a nation....
Thank you gentlemen for your visit, I wish you journey mercies.... "
By the time Awolowo was released from prison few years later by Yakubu Gowon, all those that conspired to imprison him, Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Akintola and the rest had been killed in a coup. He never met any of them alive!