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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Zambia Shall Be Free Again

A Lusaka neighborhood in Zambia
in COVID 19 awareness
The financial penalty of backing out of a Chinese deal are worst. A lot of secret contract deals have been signed by the Zambian government with the Chinese government, they came with the money and encouraged indebtedness.  Once you default, they start taking over strategic national resources.
Zambia has defaulted on a couple of loans that they have lost the control of their major National Electricity company "ZESCO" to China. Its today been fully owned and run by the Chinese.
Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation  "ZNBC" is fully owned by China.
The Chinese Ambassador initially denied these take overs in a news conference. But that was in
2018. Now we are in 2020
They have taken up and blocked major roads in Zambia and established their communities.
The Zambia government has over borrowed whereby given the Chinese uncontrolled access to Zambians resources.
The Chinese have taken over majority of Zambian's land, you can even see them hawking and roasting corn to sell on the streets.

A tourist resort in Zambia.
Maybe taken over also by Zambia
new colonial master - China?
You see the Chinese in Zambia market selling their fruits and vegetables.
The future of unborn Zambians has been mortgaged to the Chinese government.
What a country?

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