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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

SierraLeone: The First Among The Firsts

Those who ever governed SierraLeone
Do you know that Sierra Leone was the head and centre for all British West African countries.
Sierra Leone  became the first country in the whole of Sub Saharan Africa to have railway in 1898.
First to have electricity, broadcast service and airline in 1927.
Freetown capital city of Sierra Leone, became the first city in West Africa where Planes landed in 1927, from England direct flight to Hastings, returned from Freetown via The Gambia to England.
First to have an airport.
First and the only country to have Tropical Hospital in 1925.
Vintage Freetown
First  to have University in 1827.
First to have Hospital for the Mentally Retardants in  1920.
First country in West Africa where Motor Vehicles was introduced in 1912.
First to have English Legal system with black judges and jurors.
Sierra Leone Supreme Courts became the final court of Appeal for Ghana, Nigeria and The Gambia.
A drone view of Freetown
In 1843 the Whole of Gold Coast (Ghana), Nigeria and The Gambia were placed under the admission of Freetown.
In 1792 Sierra Leone became the first country in the world where women first casted vote before it even came to Britain in 1918 when women first voted.
In 1800's seventeen Black Priests and a Bishop went to Ghana and Nigeria as missionaries to spread Christianity, Nigeria and Ghana had their first churches.
A tourist landmark
In 1893 Freetown Municipality (F.C.C) became the the first city in West Africa to have a Mayor (The Queens Advocate became Mayor of Freetown).
Freetown became the first city  in West Africa to have a Banking system- Bank of British West Africa.
First country to have a post Office.

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