Shock Them And Free Them From Shocks!

Or were they not the ones who promised years ago that to make Nigeria ungovernable if ....? Another one of them promised close to a decade now "they that make peaceful change impossible make violent change impossible..." Just within za same time interval
Only to return in 2019 pontificating himself a saint like Francis of Assisi, asking Nigerians again for presidential votes. Cashing on the short memory of Nigerians. Now zat their side is now "ungovernable" they want to make oza sides "ungovernable" with Fouta herdsmen and bandits...Thank God, Amotekun and local hunters rose to the occasion. 🐅 🐅
Not long ago, oga soja himself said that if he mention the names of those behind them, Nigerians will be shocked?
Why not let Nigerians be shocked and recover from the shocks and shackles, by mentioning their names.
Could you now understand why it took them long to retire and replace the service chiefs?
Now that they wilted under pressure to retire them, they quickly gave them ambassadorial appointments to post them out of the country, so as to withdraw them from circulation. And out of reach of nosey journalists and "tatafos"
Because they already know too much and therefore have a lot of their balls in their hands ✋ And the best way to keep them from cracking those balls by singing out is by keeping them out of circulation. As doing anything otherwise such as wasting them may backfire with a reverbrating boomrang effect!
I stand to be corrected.
Random musings by Soji Omole