God Blessed A Nation, The Citizens Are Unaware (1). Soji Omole

How good and how pleasant will it be if all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria unite and come to terms with God's endowment on each of them to build our nation. And in essence make her an economic hub and superpower and pride of Africa. And not one tribe trying to dominate another calling his fellowmen "kaza" meant to be slaughtered and his lands grabbed.
Or if all lands in Nigeria are turned to a grazing ground, what will be left to farm both food and cash crops to feed the nation and generate foreign exchange? Or can a nation survive on beef meat alone?
Rather, we need to face the fact that God had blessed each ethnic nationalities in Nigeria with dexterities and specialities in a particular, vocation, skill and occupation.
To the Hausas in the north, it is large scale food crops farming. Just name the food crops. From beans to millet to maize, groundnuts, even rice. etc. Many of their military top brass still return to this large scale farming after years in Sandhurdst or nigerian Defence Academy, followed by decades in the military!
The Tivs of Benue specialised in farming yam, to the extent of calling themselves the food basket of the nation. And none is yet to dispute that claim as at press time. From Benue State also comes many species of oranges and tangerines 🍊 in large and massive quantities.
The Fulanis everyone is of course aware that they are masters in the art of rearing different species of cows, goats and sheep. In summary, animal husbandry.
The Igbos know the in and out of trading, just name the goods. From clothings to electronics, motor and motorcyle spare parts etc, with an out of this world empowering scheme for apprentices they "settle" after years of serving their masters. It is only Igbos who pay and settle their apprentices in this part of the world.
Others list all manner of items from cash to alligator pepper to dry gin to let go of their apprentices after they finish their training, to take off on their own. They call it "Freedom" But were these apprentices bound before?
Yorubas are masters in cash crop farming of cocoa and kolanuts, business tycoons, products distributors, manufacturers representatives, industrialists, educationists, admistrators, skilled tradesmen and artisans. You name it from automobile repairs, to fashion designs,furnitures, building and construction, printing and graphic arts, etc. The Nupes on the other side of Niger are craftsmen in brass and leather and allied crafts. While our Niger Delta men are into the art and technology of fishing and fisheries.
The Edos and Urobos ensure the best of oil palm are squeezed out of our palm trees in small, medium and large scales. How we wish each ethnic nationality in Nigeria could acknowledge how God fairly distributed His occupational gifts among them, and each maintain their lane and abide by their callings.
And stop seeing one as preys and another as predators. And let each maintain a unity of purpose, yeah, a unity of purpose our enemies in the imperialist world so dread, that made Bob Marley to sing:
"They don't want to see us unite;
"They don't want to see us live together..."
So what do the imperialists and old colonial slave masters want?
Of course the conclusion of this same Marley's song lyrics...
"All they want is:
"Keep on killing one another..."
Toh, as the Hausas will say, on what is happening in Nigeria today, your guess is as good as mine that, that "ALL THEY WANT... " as Marley sang, is what is going on in our nation - "...killing one another..."
The reason these slave masters will not allow Marley to keep singing more songs to renew and liberate minds of men, Africans and Nigerians especially. So that what is happening today can be averted - "...keep on killing one another..."
So they got to stop Marley from singing further his "Redemption Song"
So they wasted him in his thirties. A old dying CIA agent confession on his hospital bed that went viral in year 2019 confirmed this macabre atrocity to humanity.
They tracked Bob Marley to Jamaica and presented him with a Greek gift of a shoe with cancer infected needles hidden inside. They made sure Bob tested the shoe in their presence, the needles pinching his foot until he shouted "ouch!" And Marley became an history.
So they stopped Bob Marley.
Because his liberation songs are becoming too loud for comfort!
As for Fela Anikulapo, the "international thief thief(ITT)" crooner, they did not bother to touch him, understanding that his rough and hedonistic lifestyle will take care of that. So their vulture being a patient bird waited. And it did in 1997!
Do we "expo" the imperialists again?
One of us - my humble self - was on a trip to Hadejia from Dutse in Jigawa state in early 2008. A fellow Nigerian with me in front with the bus driver was an Hausa guy. Because both of us are educated and speak English, we got talking. And guess the topic? Our nation - Nigeria.
This guy informed me of an American factual somewhat envious opinion about Nigeria.
And what is that?
That the Americans has it that if God give them what Nigeria have in resources, both mineral, human etc, they will rule the whole world.
Now we know why "....all they want is keep on killing one another...." Lest we settle down unite and be at peace and rest to harness what we have to develop and build our nation. And then take the frontline which we are ordained and destined to be as a nation among the nations.
Yes, lest we be at peace and rest to rebuild our nation again after they have brought down all our prided industrial giants of 70s, 80s and 90s.
But what was their grouse for these heinous economic acts?
Nigeria imports was low because we are locally self sufficient, in manufactured products, courtesy of functional industries, so our Naira was stronger than their dollars.
So the only way was to weaken and destroy our local industries so as to increase imports, thereby increase demand for forex in dollars and attendant increase in value. Simple law of the higher demand, the higher the price. The more demand for dollars the more the price of naira went down.
So they destroyed our industries, weakened our economy, and devalued our currency - their prime target.
The second bird they used this stone of evil to kill was the attendant brain drain that follows the economic downturn of any nation. They took the best of our human resources with them to build their own economy. Check any strategic sector of their economy you will find Nigeria best and finest brains there!
Now back home to Nigeria. By the way where did you hear we are not a united nation, but for the divide and rule conservatives and their low mentality political stooges?
An African beacon of light,💡 a gospel musician 🎶 Osinachi was killed by the cumulative brutality of a greedy monstrous beast of a husband, the entire nation threw off their ethnic garments and rose up in one united voice to condemn this bestial atrocity! Many even forgot they are Yorubas, Igbos, Tivs, Hausas, Urobos, Fulanis, or Nembes
Yes, something bad happened to a Nigeria and we all rose against it with one united voice! Osinachi suddenly ceased to be an Igbo woman but an illustrious Nigerian woman!
Now we know who our enemies really are....
As we close, how do we get out of the woods? How do we emancipate ourselves from this second slavery? Another phrase of one the lyrics of one of the songs they killed Bob Marley for:...
"....none but ourselves can free our own selves...."
See you in the concluding part.
Soji Omole