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Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Seized Truck And It's Occupants

......After the interception of a truckladen with 48 motorcycles and 123 men   from Jigawa State by Lagos State Environment Sanitation and Special Offenses, its occupants were moved to the office of the Taskforce in Oshodi for interrogation.
According to the Chairman of Lagos State Taskforce, Mr Yinka Egbeyemi, the trailer was accosted in swift response to a tip off from alarmed members of the public, which led to the seizure of the truck and its occupants at Agege area of Lagos.
He said: “We swiftly responded to the alert and trailed the truck from Berger area to Agege. We eventually intercepted the truck which carried no few than 123 men and 48 motorcycles.
“We have interrogated most of the truck’s occupants; from the information we gathered, some of them said they were coming from Jigawa State, with 48 of them claiming to own seized motorcycles. The rest of them said they came to Lagos in search of greener pasture.”
Egbeyemi said the Lagos Police Command had directed that a fact-finding panel be constituted to profile the detained occupants of the truck, but he added that nothing incriminating was found on them apart from the motorcycles.
One of the detained occupants, Shuaibu Haruna, said he left Jigawa State to work in Lagos with his motorcycle. He claimed to have a wife and a son, but said he needed to double his income to cater for his family.
Haruna said he intended to stay in Isolo area to which he had already paid N7,000 as accommodation fee.
Another occupant, Mohammed Ibrahim, said he left his base in the Northern part of the country to keep himself busy after finishing his farm work. He said he was going to Badagry to join his brother.

Our take @ Soji Graphics:

An accommodation in Lagos for N7000? For one room or half room quarter room with landlords agreement and agency commission?
A stitch in time to save nine. Or who is safe even among these officers, when the
Armageddon finally comes and catch them napping?
That is enough to give them away as per their original mission. And why Agege? To report and pay homage to their Emir first before joining their early arrivals, who are already on ground?
But their mission is already an open secret since....To surround the nation from the Southwest axis for the impeding Armageddon that will soak monkey and baboon with blood. How many of these trailer loads has earlier entered Lagos unawares with them littering Lagos streets with okadas, charging at rock bottom prices while the home based okada riders watched helplessly?
And they already have an Emir in Agege that they all reports to....for feedbacks, updates and progress reports. So what's more?
But their greatest mistake ever was that unlike Rwanda, Nigeria is not a land locked nation. Many of them cannot swim like my in-laws in Brass and Bonny Islands.
The crocs, hippos, sharks and whales are waiting to have a delicious feast in the Atlantic. Leaving the book the progenitor envisioned to dip in the Atlantic floating until it is wet, heavy and got sunk like lead down the sand of the ocean for ever.
We don't even know what they take God, for. Or how can one be making plans as if God is daft like them?
You think say God na mumu?
No! The Governor among the nations no be mumu, o. Wallehi fa.

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