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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Lateef Jakande @ 90

Having been a renowned journalist spanning decades, Lateef Jakande was encouraged by Late Awolowo his mentor to test his popularity at the polls. Things worked out fine and he became the gubernatorial flag bearer of Unity Party of Nigeria UPN, Lagos state. Elections came and he defeated his opponents, Adeniran Ogunsanya of Nigerian People's party NPP and Adeniji Adele of National Party of Nigeria NPN and was subsequently sworn in as the executive governor of Lagos State in October 1979.
Ambode is not perfect just like other humans, but he sustained Jakande's legacy as the immediate
past governor of Lagos state
It was not long before he hit the ground running as he introduced housing and educational programs targeting the poor, building new neighbourhood primary and secondary schools and providing free primary and secondary education and also established the Lagos State.
University.Lateef Jakande's government constructed over 30,000 housing units. The schools and housing units were built cheaply, but were of great value.These are the REAL low-cost estates you still see everywhere in Lagos till today, they were all built by this man.
In a bid to increase the states internally generated revenue, Jakande increased the tenement rates and price of plots of land in affluent areas of Victoria Island and Lekki Peninsula and the processing fees for lottery, pools and gaming licenses.
He also begain a metro line project to facilitate mass transit in Lagos state but was bungled by Buhari's military junta.
The BRT project in Lagos today was more of Jakande's original idea.
BRT buses; Jakande's original idea?
These laudable infrastructures and many more were also halted when the Buhari seized power on 31 December 1983. It will be worthy to give due credits to a man who saw the future, who did so much for a state like Lagos, when the internally generated revenue of the state was not as huge compared to as it is today.
For the records, it is on good authority that Governor Lateef Jakande did not move to the grandiose State House during his tenure as governor but used his personal house in Ilupeju as his official residence. Lateef Jakande was a man of the people who had the interest and welfare of the masses and all the citizenry at heart.
We the entire crew @ Soji Graphics wish the "action governor" of Lagos state happy birthday. 

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