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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Igbos Export African Cultural Heritage To Houston

Packaged from Africa, brought to America
On July 13, the Ndi Ichie Cultural Organisation in Houston Texas, organized the 18th Annual IgboFest – the largest African cultural festival in the City of Houston.
The colorful carnival which has been around for over 15 years made its Downtown debut to conveniently accommodate thousands of Houstonians from a diverse culture who are enthusiastic about the rich Igbo culture.

A rich cultural festival to remembered
for a long time 
Friday July 12, the organisers, with a few performers were featured in two local Televisions appearances. They were featured on Great Day Houston, a local talk show hosted by Deborah Duncan, following CBS This Morning.
Late in the evening, the group made it to the Isiah Factor Uncensored, a Fox 26 news talk show. Each appearance showcased a preview of the epoch making event.
More of a street carnival here
The event which was well attended by Nigerians in Texas and beyond showcased group performances ranging from traditional to acrobatic dancers.
Other displays involved were very rare masquerades from the Igboland. The IgboFest experience best be described sensational and awe inspiring. Just like Prof. Chris Ulasi, president of Ndi-Ichie Cultural Association, overseers of Ndi Ichie Youth Cultural Foundation told International Guardian.
Making a statement indeed; with this rich cultural heritage, only from the shores of Africa
This event had a lot of people from diverse cultures and Houstonians came out for an international cultural experience. It also witnessed the award winning and most recognized Igwe Cultural Entertainment group, awe-inspiring dancers, fashion parade filled with authentic-traditional wears and the audience were made to learn why the African heritage and indeed the Igbo culture are traditionally motivating and spiritually authentic.”
As part of this event, an Annual Igbo Language and Communication Conference was held on Friday July 12, at the Crowne Plaza Houston.  The theme of this conference was “Igbo Language Heritage: Communication, Representation and Preservation.”
The forum witnessed a lineup of professionals, community and spiritual leaders with presentations focusing on promoting, celebrating, and showcasing the Igbo culture.
A rich cultural that sent the audience gaping in awe at the wonders of Africa, straight from Igboland
Historically, Ndi-Ichie are a Council of respected individuals that occupy a very high place in the Igbo society. They are well-regarded personalities; they are elected individuals of valued demeanor; honest, resourcefulness, with comprehensive moral reputations and other virtues.
They are believed to command special connectivity with the ancestors and at all times held in high regard.
A festival that the Shores Igbos both in Africa and diaspora will remember for a long time.
As a MISSION, Ndi-Ichie Cultural Club and Ndi-Ichie Youth Cultural Foundation aim at reclaiming the cultural capital of the Igbos where it has been damaged or lost.
Speaking to our correspondent, the Chairman of NDI ICHIE CULTURAL ORGANIZATION, Dr. Chris Ulasi said ,
“With that desire in my heart,
I preside over Ndi-Ichie Youth Cultural Foundation.
Igbos adorning colourful
vests in Houston
We’re all looking to make a difference in our world and I believe that by focusing on promoting, fostering, and showcasing Igbo culture and folklore outside Igbo ancestral homeland make substantial impact and would be relevant to know that the world is made up of great cultures and if you foster them positively, they’ll pay huge dividends in love, international understanding and a better world”

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