Idiagbon: A Legacy Of Uncommon Bravery

Idiagbon: ever at his
duty post, even when
it involve paperwork
and not gun
27th August 1985, Babangida took over forcefully from Major General Muhammadu  Buhari and warned The Chief of staff Supreme Headquarters (Vice President) Major General Tunde idiagbon that was in Saudi for Hajj rites, He was given clear warnings to stay away from the country or he would be dealt with. At that point the billionaire Saudi monarch, the late King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud called Idiagbon and made an offer. The Saudi King told Idiagbon that he would get a palatial mansion and stay for his retirement for life and forget about the idea of returning to Nigeria.
Idiagbon and his erstwhile boss
Idiagbon politely declined the offer and told King Fahd that he had to return to Nigeria for two good reasons, one of which was to make a statement that he was not a coward so his family will later walk proud and that it would also be a great honour for him to die beside his boss, General Buhari, who saved his life during the Nigerian Civil War.
Tunde Idiagbon: refused to disgrace his family
by playing the coward
Few days later, he entered the Nigerian airspace. Armed soldiers and all kinds of weapons waited for him at the airport but he did not budge. Not even his erstwhile big boss, General Yakubu Gowon dare venture near home again, until the coast was clear.
If these men had been
in his shoes?
And for daring to enter the Nigerian territory and having the guts to challenge a corrupt system, Idiagbon was placed under house arrest in Benin City and Bauchi State. He was locked up with his boss for 40 horrible months. He and Buhari had ruled Nigeria for 20 months before IBB and his boys came in and embarked on their coup.
For the daft ethnic jingoists, who point to their neighbours as cowards, we would rather argue with them but leave then to history and pray they get well soon from their malady of presumptions.