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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Tributes To A Legendary School Principal

High Chief Ayo Olayinka: Retired
but absolutely not tired
You wrote on my testimonial and I quote "Omole Olusoji is a man of fairly satisfactory conduct, he his very resourceful"
You said it as it is on my conduct, no hold barred. "Fairly satisfactory" I just managed to get by and live above reproach in school.
But what you saw and how you saw it in me as "very resourceful" at that tender age of 18 remains a mystery.
Because that word "he is very resourceful" proved to be prophetic and true and with absolute accuracy! And it kept following me, as events unfold later in my life.
High Chief Ayo Olayinka
The award winning principal
I managed to clear my papers for internal and external examinations diploma papers at College Of Health Technology Ilesa, and the West African HEALTH Examinations Board, despite that I can count on the tip of my fingers, the number of times I attended lectures in all the 3 years course duration. That I believe takes being resourceful.
Otherwise, if I had attended lectures and classes regularly in school, who then will attend to the conga drums at the "gyration grounds" and "uppermost" shrines?
And as many of my lecturers that laid ambush for me to mock when the results of West Africa Health Examinations Board is out found me at the other side, celebrating exam success.
High Chief Ayodele Olayinka: still winning
and dinning with the high and mighty
In 1996, I left the civil service with just only N100 in my UBA account in Osu - Ilesa, to later foray into business. Looking back then and knowing what I am and where I am now, even my arch enemies, except the daft Thomases among them,  will agree it takes being resourceful.
I can keep counting of situations and circumstances and mountains that I knew took resourcefulness to surmount to be on the other side. Sir, those words of yours still follow me and speak till date.
Happy birthday my beloved principal, High Chief Ayodele Olayinka. As your days, so shall your strength be.

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