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Monday, March 18, 2019

A Tale Of Two Nigerians

Even of two Nigerians who departed this world last weekend. One is Professor Adesanmi passed on in the ill fated Ethiopian Air plane crash and people have been broadcasting his good deeds and exploits, both intellectual, moral and social. Another Nigerian, with an acronym Sugar, a thug who became a politician and later a federal lawmaker in the lower chamber lost his life; and the world is being informed about his evil deeds. There was absolutely nothing bad to say about the  late academician. And nothing good to say about the late legislator and ex thug. Especially by those who have tasted his bitter pills.
The transition of the former is a huge loss to humanity. The transition of the latter is a restoration of peace to his area of influence as he would not be around to make people suffer again.
How do we want people to remember us? Let us use our position, endowments, skills, resources and talents to bring peace and prosperity to mankind. And not use it to wreak havoc in our community.
What would said of you after your departure on earth? Or what account would you render to your Creator the you meet Him face to face and one on one? There are two things you will be remembered for after your depature. One, the problem you created and two, the problem you solved. Or helped to solve.
God Bless Nigeria

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