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Monday, September 17, 2018

Victor Uwaifo's New Invention: From The Horse Mouth

New Invention by Victor Uwaifo. Unesco's laureate.
The Flesh and Metal 6th Finger Style.
Hear him out:
"I've invented a new method of playing the guitar called Flesh and Metal, the 6th finger style.

I constructed the 6th finger with a piece of metal attached to my last finger with a ring and that solved the whole problem because I needed an extra finger to be able to reach higher octaves even surpassing the violin and piano.
The legendary Guitar Boy in action
I can alternate between the normal finger harmer flick style and metal to produce sound that simulates steel pedal Hawaii guitar, electric guitar or box guitar.
The living legend at his vintage best
It goes beyond 22 frets of the guitar board and can match the high octaves of violin or piano"

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