Celebration Of An Everlasting Deliverance: Soji Omole

Everlasting Deliverance From Avoidable Tension And  Stress

Life is not all about money and material things. The best gift ever I received on my birthday was for Barrister Gbenga Fayemiwo to refer to me as a "PATRIOT" in his goodwill message.
He was dead accurate and to the point.
A democrat and a patriot he called me. NOT a politician.
That is why I will not suffer gladly the fools of hardline Hutus and Tutsi rebels on my Facebook wall again.
If there be 2 afflictions among many, God has graciously delivered me from, they are:
1). Football addiction, as in a Dundee Adumbrated or Buffoon United club fan, arguing away my productive time at newspaper stands or barbing salons with a rival club fan. 2). Partisan political bigotry.
Were it before, that Osun Elections is 4 days away.....habaaaaa, my wall for don full naw. My wall for don become a battle ground for hard-line Hutu(APC) and Tutsi rebels(PDP).
Myself being a hard-line Hutu before God's deliverance and help came my way.
I still remember a funny incident in year 2014 at Jimeta - Yola.
Just on a Wednesday like today, on our way home from our week midweek church service, the next Saturday being the guber elections in State Of Osun. Brother Obiora, a furniture maker along Atiku Abubakar way was on the steering, while I was beside him on the front seat.
Obiora a Tutsi rebel, I a hard-line Hutu.
All I said was "come this Saturday, APC will win in Osun State" Brother Obiora, dropped both his left and right hands off the steering while the car was on motion and on speed. Shaking and vibrating on his seat with both hands still off steering wheel..."I am ready to bet with you, APC will lose!" He hollered.
I have to first remind him that both his hands were off the car steering before I can, if need be, engage him in a bet.....
Could you now agree with me that my deliverance by God was a great one?
They live in opulence, while you and your family live on a shoe string budget. Does any of them worth giving yourself tension and stress over?
Supposing that car skidded off the road and ran into a ditch and APC still won the elections the next Saturday - which of course it did - and here was Obiora on the hospital bed, what would it have profited him? Supposing I also sustained an injury in the process and give many of my Tutsi rebel friends in Jimeta, cause to talk? One of them - Wabba Musa, even nicknamed me Aregbesola.
To add insult to the injury, days after the elections was won and lost, one of Aregbesola's goons in Ilesa East, put a call through to me and began to insult me and accuse me of being a PDP guy who never want his oga to win. All because I raise the issue of his oga's heartless attitude towards Osun pensioners.
And issue that in later months also involved state workers and snowballed to an everlasting and eternal disgrace and reproach to his oga.
Supposing I received that his silly call on a hospital bed? Would my loyalty as a hard-line Hutu(APC), have ever worth a dime? Of course trust me naw, I gave it back to the bloody reckless living crumb eater, life and direct via red led hot nasty SMSs.
Barrister Gbenga Fayemiwo, if I be a man of God, two words of blessing I have for you, for calling me by my rightful name  - a patriot.
M.K.O. Abiola: Paid the supreme sacrifice.
The way beneficiaries of this sacrifice treat his offsprings(one of them - Kola, by his side),
 today makes one wonder if it worth it.
- Gbenga Fayemiwo, You will end up your legal career as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria(SAN).
-  May you continue come across fat briefs with handsome looking cheques, all through the years of your legal practice.