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Saturday, May 12, 2018

New Version Of Things Fall Apart?: Eddie Otudeko

The legendary novelist and writer of the epic novel - Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe: The Author of the first version 
Oga Eddie you have spoken well. But before we talk,  let's hear you out first.
 "I have watched with utter sadness how intimate friends have been falling apart and severing well-nurtured associations on the basis of differing political choices and preferences.
But what do we make out of this?
Abbreviation different from full party name.
Could even mere observation of  this cause two
 friends to go their separate ways? 
As 2019 general elections draw closer, this worrisome trend has assumed an alarming proportion.
Hitherto well cultivated friendship cutting across years with evident mutual benefits are giving way for political correctness.

Last week, no fewer than three intimate friends I know parted ways because of political disagreements over Social Media posts.

It is as shocking as disingenuous, as far as I am concerned, to trade off solid friends with whom one has come a long way because of political posts.
New party logo or vendetta from
APC detractors? 
I am always amused while most of the Politicians for which we fall out with people and associates always meet over bottles of wine after electioneering, their internet warriors never see eye-to-eye again.

Folks, don't lose friends and destiny helpers because of political posts, choices and disagreements.

If your friend takes a political position you don't understand, call privately for clarifications. And admit everyone is entitled to a political choice.
Can we still count on the umbrella for a rainy day
or shield from the sun's heat? 
Even if it doesn't align with yours, learn to respect friends. Let them choose whatever they want without getting emotional or personal about it.

Don't abuse, taunt or disparage a friend who appears not to be in your political camp.

When all is said and done, 2019 will come and go. But it shouldn't leave you with a litany of estranged friends and associates.

Only the wise will take this to heart"
Our take at Soji Graphics:-
Oga Eddie, you spoke very very very well. But if a destiny helper like one of mine who is not just a friend but a professional colleague, clubmate, coursemate even roommate of 30 years chose to part ways with you, because of your hardline stand, please sell not your conscience. Wish him very well in all his ways,  but stand your ground.

Because God does not want to share His glory with any. And He is far able to raise even a stone in their stead. Me and him parted ways on facebook, and God raised another whom he cannot match even if he ends up in Aso Villa.
Our covenant with God here is that when we get there, nobody shares his glory. And God is keeping his own term of His covenant as each day passes by.
Don't because you want to eat meat begin to call a cow bùròda mi. Kai.

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