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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Asking Fela To Step In With His Sax: Soji Omole

Can't just stop laughing at our political followers turned blinded, beclouded and intellectually obfuscated cyber hawks.
It only made one remember Fela's song. "Mr follow follow...."
Sing along......
"Dem dey follow follow dem close dia eyes
Chorus: Dem dey close their eyes pinpinpin
Dem dey follow follow dem close dia MINDS
Chorus: Dem dey close their mind pampampam.....
Dem dey follow follow dem close their ears
Chorus: Dem dey close their ears gboingboingboin
Dem dey follow follow dem close their SENSE
Chorus: Dem dey close their SENSE pimpimpim"
Even graduates that their children have graduated too, àgídí nán máa kó borí bí èro ata.

Even God that I follow and believe, am not following Him blindly. I still ask Him questions. And as a gracious Father, Master and Friend, He takes time to answer and explain to me things. Not barking orders at me. No sharraaaap!!! As some cyber hawks would rather do.
Why? Because He has nothing to hide. He is The Father of light. In Him there kólókóló.
If I don't follow This Father of light blindly, why would any cyber hawk expect me to follow their masters blindly, be they in Feedeefee, SDP, APC, ASPIRIN, CAFENOL whatever be their names?
And if I refuse to follow their masters with my mind and eyes closed pampampam, name calling starts. From Judas Iscariot, to Jezebel, to Ahitophel to Aijalon! Just name any name in the Bible....
Is political followership a call to blindness to reasonings, or a call to mental and spiritual blindness and intellectual sterility?
Am not surprised someone said "man is a political animal" Political animals indeed!
But I, as a new creature, born of His Spirit, awaken unto the difference between righteousness and wickedness and having made my choice to the former - righteousness, I have made my hard-line CHOICE to be different - And NOT to be a political animal.
Any who oppose Soji Omole for obeying God rather than men, could as well be standing before a moving train.
Can any stand before a moving train?
So is any who oppose us for obeying God rather
than obeying men. Acts 5:29
Because it is written concerning me:-
"And The Spirit of The Lord will come upon thee, and thou shalt.......... be TURNED into a new MAN" Not turned into a political animal.
I Samuel 10:6.
Yèyé nií màá máa fi gbogbo yin se, henceforth. Nmáa fi yín ta'yín on any social media platform, ni. Even all of una.

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