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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Preventing A State Of Anarchy Part II

When a nation is at peace, even a whole president can take a swag out with his wife to take fresh air.
Kagame and wife on the street of Kigali
When a nation is free and at peace, even the
President can take a stroll with a
"Swag" on the street with his wife
Sincere appreciation to all brethren who
did not take me to the cleaners for my last post, considering my profession of Faith.
In my final year in tertiary institution in1985, my mother came visiting on a Sunday. And a question she asked. That why did I not go to church?
If I should answered her "If I have gone to church, would you have met me at home?" That would have been being rude to one's own mother. So I kept quiet.
Then my mother spoke a plain truth on that day, which I will never forget.

When a nation is free and at peace the elites there can
Afford to wine and dine in the open with fresh breeze
That in this life, to stand strong and rise above sea level, it's either you are on God's side going to church and serving Him, or you fortify yourself the other way. But to stay no where in either of the two it is quite risky. And her final word was; since my father - of course her husband as at press time - have little or  nothing to offer me in terms of fortification on the other side, her strong advise is that I find my way to the church every Sunday.Free YouTube Subscribers & Video Likes
Thank God, four years later I committed my life fully to Christ and ever since, Sundays always found me church. Gentlemen and ladies, even if my mother does not advise me again till Jesus come, I don  chop this one, raw as it came and swallow am.
Let us apply this motherly counsel  and wisdom to the issue on ground.
This issue of DEFEND YOURSELF, which elements being hunted by shadows and past evils of their kith and hins want to turn to another Danjumagate.
The only nation God promised will be converted to Him enblock one day is the Nation of Isreal. And that is even in the nearest future not in the present. Isaiah 66:8.Free Website Visitors
Aside that nation, there is no nation on earth that every citizen can turn to God or be an adherent of a single religion. Every citizen and men in every nation will either be taking refuge in God or any other mean to defend and protect themselves.
That other means, I highlighted in part I of this post.

Now in line mine own faith, let us join God to laugh to derision at Nigeria tormentors and troublers again. I mean a generation of venomous tormentors who doesn't want others to torment them. Worst than the brood of vipers, The Master described the Pharisees and Sadducees of His days on earth, for their insincerity and hypocrisy. Even killers who doesn't want any to swing a sword close to their neck. As Yoruba's will put it, "apànìyán tí kìí fé kán mú idà kojá lórùn won"
Here is a way they can stop people who believe in no other god other than The Lord of hosts Himself, from defending themselves. Lest Nigeria go into anarchy.
First they must get very thick heavy duty adhesive tapes. Then use them to seal the mouths of men Pastor E.A. Adeboye, W.F. Kumuyi, Bishop David Oyedepo, including David Junior, because that one's bomb pass im own father.
Reverend Mike Bamidele in Ilesa, Sola Areogun in Osogbo. That man sef Bishop Francis Wale Oke, im travel dey too much. But they can still track him down to Russia or Ukraine. Then "selotape" and seal his  mouth too. Kayode Abiara is close by at Ibadan. He just got newly wedded. They can seal him mouth too, so he can concentrate on the new job at hand.
They should also conduct a comprehensive survey and inventory of other pastors and prophets across the nation, Bishop David Abioye in Goshen city, etc. Including those who are strong workers in the church and prayer warriors. Then apply these thick tapes on their mouths
Joining God to laugh them into scorn and derision
While they rage on like rabid dogs in their camp
Because as long as these men can still open their mouth to talk, pray, decree, prophesy and boldly declare God's UNFAILING Word over Nigeria, it will be to DEFEND Nigerians. And this may lead to a terrible state of anarchy. Wallehi!
When invisible dynamites begin to land and explode as it hits the ground, in the  domains of the wicked, and grievous punishments, vengeance and long declared sentence begin to be executed on behalf and in DEFENCE of Nigerians. Psalm 149:7-9. This may lead to a terrible state of anarchy.
So there is fire on the moutain. Ignited by T.Y. Danjuma. And if only for the sake of their cows, which reliable authority have that they value more than their own very children, they need to act fast and get these heavy duty adhesive tapes.
Lest I forget, as for that of Reverend Enenche for Abuja, I will recommend super glue or araldite for im own mouth. That im mouth sef.... Haba kena! Na so he just dey open am and throw magana dynamites with it. Wetin concern him and our cows and herdsmen self?
Okay, you mean what of El-Buba for Jos? Wait I dey come.

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