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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How To Prevent A State Of Anarchy Part I

Dance, sing and laugh them to scorn
Never seen such biased ethno political reaction to a simple proactive advice since creation. That you are told to defend yourself when attacked and people began to react with mad insane virulent violence of unimaginable velocity! And all manner of missiles ranging from shoes to broken bottles to toothbrushes even neophytes, began to throw at an elder statesman.Free Website Visitors
Even dogs defend themselves when attacked, how much more of men. But when things have to a point of blind biased intellectual blindness and sterility like this, what remains is not to join issues and be raving and ranting with any but treat them with uttermost mockery and sarcasim. Poke fun at them and mess them up with them up with the highest disdain.
Where I came from, when people display such kind of arrant insanity, you get yourself a drummer and begin to dance, sing and laugh them to scorn.
Here we go......
Yes, you laugh and laugh and laugh and keep
Laughing them to scorn
Since T.Y. Danjuma had called on Nigerians to defend themselves, and some political bigots have labelled it as calling for a state of anarchy, then the ministry of defence need to act fast to prevent this state of anarchy.
Apart from disarming Nigerians of all guns, including the local "shakabùlàs" used for hunting antelopes and àparòs, let them also disarm Nigerians of the followings;
gbètugbètu, ayeta, òkígbé, àféèrí, egbé, àlùwó, olúgboùn, olóndè, òòka ère, ìfúnpá, ólóndè, ágádágodo, awo ekùn, awo ágilíntí, any strange tortoise hung on necks, etc.
A house to house search must be conducted to find any who have any strange incision marks of any kind on their bodies. Free YouTube Subscribers & Video Likes If they find any, let them be forced to scrape it off. And if anything is found rubbed on these incisions, forensic tests must be carried out to know the content, so that it can be washed off with Ariel or Blue Omo. And if any had passed into their blood stream, then they must drain off the blood and transfuse another! Because there is need to prevent a state of anarchy by all means. So nobody should have any means to defend themselves, metaphysical or physical, when agents of miyetti jàmba come calling.
But what of  if T.Y. Danjuma have said
"Defend your cows"? Would there still be reaction?
 Therefore shall your collective conscience judge you.

It is to prevent this state of anarchy that herdsmen have not been able to carry out successful attacks in some parts of, Egbádò, Ìjèbú, Ìbàrìbáland, Ogbomoso,  Ìkìrun(the home of late Àjàngìlá), Àkókó, Èkìtì(Fayose's bravados nothwithstanding), Modakeke(the base of Sunday Igboho himself), etc and other locations more dangerous than the aforementioned. Because the people there will defend themselves with any of the weaponry listed above, which may lead to a state of anarchy. And wallehi, we don't want a state of anarchy.

And there is need for them to have nothing to defend themselves, to prevent a state of anarchy.
We also have it on good authority that some of them are metaphysical enough to command guns from nowhere even if you disarm them of the physical guns ***winks at Sunday Igb....*** So there is need to deploy men of the armed forces to the spirit realm, to mop up such invisible guns! Wallehi!
Reports also have it that some teenage boys in these areas can remove their caps and release venomous bees and hornets against any attacker carrying AK 67 or 98, and that will be tantamount to defending themselves.
We need to disarm men like these also.
Because they may use what they have to
Defend themselves, which may lead to anarchy
And such "criminal" acts of defending themselves can lead to a state of anarchy!
Therefore to prevent such "criminal acts" a stop and search operation must be conducted in these areas, to search every vehicle and screen every teenager wearing caps, be it gòbí, abetíajá, bentigó, beret, àketè, etc.
And if any of these boys disappear with àféèrí or egbé, let the military personnel also disappear with him and continue the chase. We need to prevent a state of anarchy by all means.
And if any challenge me that shebí you claim to be Christian? I hereby reply such with this Yoruba proverb:-
"Ojó àjùbà nlàá níran àdá tó bá mú, ojó ogún bá burú làá níran  alágídí omo"
So the foudation of these patriots and heroes labour
Was laid on cows and herdsmen?
wallehi, we SHALL certainly WIN this battle!
And if any is at loss to decode this proverb, let him or her ask a notable highly respected and world acclaimed Pastor, of how area boys delivered him from the hands of policemen at a check point in Yaba Lagos.
***winks @ at Sunday Igboho, Gani Adams and others not too notable and popular; but very brutal and ruthless like Tafa Akanran himself***

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