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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Africa: Gerontocracy In Action

No one knows the age of the rest of other heads of operations of other ministries or parastatals, military or para military and civil serbice heads. But all we can assure you of in Cameroon is that the president himself Paul Biya is 86, the Senate president is 84,   the Inspector-General of Police, Martin Mbarga Nguele is 88.Free YouTube Subscribers & Video Likes
Africa is clearly setting a record in the Guiness book of records as the continent that the highest number octogenarians in government. Even octogenarians who are yet to finish their terms in office or looking forward to contest for a fresh term of another 5 or 8 years!
Museveni of Uganda still believes he is fit as fiddle to finish his term and even sign up for another term.
Senate President: Cameroon
But for the vigilance of political gladiators of the likes of Tinubu and Atiku, Nigeria woyluld have signed in for a third term. Had a third term succeeded then, a 4th and 5th term would have been a walk over. Then Nigeria too would have gotten an 81 year old man as president today!
Mugabe mocked Nelson Mandela by saying it is only fools that relinquish political power.
Free Website Visitors Meaning that all Presidents the likes of Jimmy Carter, George Bush(Snr), even our own General Abdusalami Abubakar who honourably handed over power to another are fools?!
Even our own Goodluck Jonathan, tombo or no tombo.
Mbarga: I.G. of Police Cameroon
I still wonder why he was not stoned by South Africans at Madela's funeral, for heaping such a selfish insult on their own Madiba!
Now that Mugabe is finally forced to relinquish political power, can one now put it to him, as a lawyer will, that has he not joined the bandwagon of those he called fools?
But Africa, why? Why? Why? Africa why?

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