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Monday, February 12, 2018

They Used His Passion And Got Him

As a child with his father
Half of the north, if not 75% is populated by over 300 non aboki ethnic minorities mostly Christians in middle belt, even in Southern Kaduna and Southern Zaria in Kano State, including some parts of Kebbi State.
When both the abokis and these different groups unite and come together, that is what we call the North.
But when they split and go their separate ways politically, there is nothing called the north. Really the north is doomed, like goliath!
Their being split politically in 2011 was what gave Jonathan victory in 2011 elections right from the primaries.
All these NON aboki minority groups split the vote of the north to two, and the second half gave theirs to Jonathan and Jonathan won. Pro bono. Nothing like rigging. Lagos votes and Niger Delta plus core east votes joined and that was it.
5). In 2015, when Jonathan frittered away his goodluck, the north again came together AGAIN as one and gave their votes enblock to Buhari combined with the votes of the Lagos and the the entire South West and Jonathan got voted out!
Now grown up and now an Emir
6). Now the scenario of what played in 2011 have repeated itself. The vote of the north has been divided into two, aboki or no aboki. Paul Unongo a middle belter has resigned from Arewa, his chairmanship. The die is cast.
The north is divided again into two voting blocks. The middle belters that give north a voice are now embittered. So 50,000 abokis without middle belt = 0 and 0 x 0 = 0.
Without the input and manpower of middle belt ethnic nationalities there is no north.

Whoever did our oga at the Villa must have done his thorough homework. Kai fa!
Because, it is a well known fact, right from Adam, that if you want to get a man go after his passions.
If it is women it is a done deal. That was how they got Samson. David escaped by whiskers but with scars.
And if it is drinks, the case is settled. That was how they nailed an advertising guru, son of a first republic politician at a Lagos party.
Even Adam himself; in as much as it was only him and Eve his wife in the garden, they still went after him. They knew he has passion for apples. We all knew the rest of the story. Àyé mà ní'kà ô. Kai!
They know our oga is not a ladies man. As for drinks he is a teetotaler. If it is money, contentment and a spartan disciplined life is his oza name.
But but and but again. They knew where he came from, and where his passion lies.
They refused to be fooled by his "I belong to no one I belong to everybody" Rather they knew from his background his passion for cows.
That just as our oza brothers across Niger bridge can kill because of money, his kith and kin can also kill because of cows. And he is not a half caste. The same blood flow in his veins. And they have this understanding that a man will ALWAYS be naturally BIASED on the side of his kith and kin. So they went for him. And they got him
They have in their possession his dossier of how he led a protest on behalf of cows to Agodi in Ibadan some years ago. So they went after him. And they and got him!
The after effect? Simple equation; the bloc of votes from the north has been split into two, come 2019 elections. If they like let them go and get toddlers to vote, after packing in all the underage voters!
Simple arithmetic. When the votes was split into two in 2011, the pendulum swung in favour of Goodluck Jonathan. When the block of votes was 1 single bloc in 2015, our oga carried the day.
Now the bloc of Northern votes has been split into 2 again. Electoral fortune reversal in the north, CONFIRMED! Any fire brigade approach at this 11th hour, may be an exercise in futility.
A friend of mine in Jimeta - Yola, a wealthy deacon of my church, said some years ago about the oza political party that; "if you see them and see snake, leave the snake and pursue them instead of the snake"
Now I can't but believe him.

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