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Monday, February 5, 2018

Knocking The Wind Out Of Their Sails

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The items here are on their way to for a cows get together?
The ownership and identity of the very vehicle conveying the party's item 7 will shock any
We will keep talking in codes when it come to a specific specie of entities here. And be direct where necessary and even be specific with names.
I dreamt last night of Nigeria at the tethers of coming out of her economic woes, if only.....
This war off attrition from old Fouta - Djalon axis, is what will finally unite all Nigeria ethnic nationalities as one Nigeria to face our common enemy and invaders, the Guinea cows not Guinea fowls this time.
Finally their end has come.
They are armed with weapons, call them chariots but we are armed with The Name of The Lord and brains. Psalm 20:7
Image result for Futa jalon
1). Let all the rest ethnic nationalities boycott their cow meat.
Until they begin to go from house to house, forcing people to eat beef at gun point, then I will know they mean business. But if they can't do that, they are finished. At least you can't force people to buy nor force them to eat. So economically, go for their jugular by boycotting beef meat.
I was privileged to be raised in the village where my father cannot even afford it, then. Because he has invested all hes got on cultivating his cocoa plantation, which now yielding a very handsome pension for him at old age. A pension that will make real estate investors green with envy. So our animal proteins mainstay are birds we kill in the farm, by traps or catapults, domestic fowls, like chickens and fishes we caught in our rivers and streams.Image result for Futa jalons, Including games we caught with our traps or in hunting as bush meats. And we were never malnourished.
It was when I got to the city in my early 20s that beef became a staple meat.
And wallehi, I have returned to those white animal proteins, I was raised with. Never again for beef.
If all can do this, #boycottCOWmeat# we will knock the wind out of their sails, economically.
Image result for Futa jalon
Fouta Djalon Hills in Guinea
2). Henceforth any who hoist the flag of a party, check his ethnic background. If his origin is from Futa-Jalon in Guinea, ensure he is not nominated or lose the election, irrespective of his party. Your voters card and card readers will ensure that. Even if any submits his C.V. for employment at any corporate entity, especially the organised private sector let the same rule applies.
And in case any among them want to deny their ethnic origin and hide, let DNA tests be now part of medical tests.
Wisdom The Bible say is better than weapons of war. Ecclesiastes 9:18
3). For the next 50 - 70 years, let all remain vigilant as we implement these measures and watch out.
When they discover they are holding the short end of the stick in any matter, they change strategy. THEY DROP THEIR WEAPONS AND SUDDENLY BECAME FRIENDLY. And before you know it they have penetrated your innermost chambers. Then they reach for their weapons, again!
They did it to Lugard after he captured them at Yola and Sakwato. Suddenly they began to court Lugard's favour and friendship and before we knew it he gave them back power through the back door - INDIRECT RULE SYSTEM.Related image
2). They did it to Afonja in Ilorin.
Alimi came as a friend and ally, willing to help Afonja fight his wars. And the rest is history.
3). They did it Bola Ahmed Tinubu. All Tinubu want was his party, APC to capture win as many states in Nigeria as possible and even capture the centre with a landslide.
And like Afonja who want victory in battles, Tinubu again played into their hands. We have it on good authority that our oga at the oza room literally turned Tinubu's Burdillion Ikoyi home to his permanent residence for weeks, if not months, when he was looking for Tinubu's endorsement and support, to galvanise his emergence as the party's presidential flag bearer. We all knew the rest of the story.
Now all must have learnt their lessons, Tinubu inclusive. And if he don't, shame on him and so sorry for him. We just hope he won't practically stoned on the streets of Lagos one day.
Image result for Futa jalon
Prince Abdul Raman learning as a prince in Fouta - Djalon
So the koko of the matter is let not any fall for their smiles and friendship again. They are Greek gifts. Call it the Trojan horses. They can never be sincere nor be trusted.
Their goal and vision is to continue where Usman D discontinued and touch the Atlantic with Usman D's koran. Thank God the Niger delta boys are on ground, waiting to wipe their ass.
With these strategies on ground and with God's backing, they shall be put to where they belong finally.

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