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Saturday, February 10, 2018

First Bible Study With Goodluck Jonathan

Never look down on any, except when admiring his shoes
It was the Independence Day Celebrations Church service of year 2007 at Aso Rock Villa Chapel. Just few months after Dr Goodluck Jonathan was then first sworn in as Nigeria Vice President.
Of course as the Christian among the two, Jonathan represented his boss the then Nigerian President,
Umaru Musa YarAdua at the service.
Umaru Musa YarAdua being a honest and God fearing man, will never play hypocrisy with religion by going to church as a moslem, even removing his cap, exposing his half balded head and be singing hymns, while there are seven abominations in his heart.
Therefore to any Christian gathering, he sends his Vice, who is a Christian to stand in for him, rather than play an hypocrite.
So Jonathan was in the Chapel. David Mark as the newly sworn in Senate president then, was in attendance. So was the first woman ever Speaker of House Of Representatives, Patricia Etteh, then embattled with the "Ettegate" scandal. Plus so many lawmakers like Senator Olorunibe Mamora and diverse dignitaries.
Then came the message of the day. And Pastor Ayo Oritsjaeafor preached a very fiery message. A message penetrating enough to reach the bones and marrows of corrupt leaders and corruption.
How he came into alliance later with the establishment is an issue to be raised and the crux of this post, after we leave Aso Rock Villa Chapel. But let's stay a little bit at the Villa Chapel.
Again a fiery message Oritsejafor preached that day, poking the conscience of any in attendance including those of us watching the live telecast.
Then came the turn of Goodluck Jonathan to make a remark. The podium he mounted with his Bible. Then opened Jonathan some chapters and read some verses, then opened he his mouth and watered down the entire message Pastor Ayo Oritjeafor preached that Sunday! That was the day I knew Nigeria, nay Nigerians are in trouble with a moral happy go lucky like this man, who can openly tackle and wittle down a fiery message on uprightness and sound morality for leadership, hot and direct from The Throne of grace!

I got very angry and sent a rider to Punch Newspapers by mail which I was very glad Punch newspapers published, in an edited tetitled format "Bible Study With the Vice President"
I was not surprised years later when Jonathan mounted the saddle and I began to hear word like "stealing is not corruption"
Because the handwriting was clear on the wall of Aso Rock Villa that day, what to expect from a man of unsound moral and spiritual judgement like this!
But what baffled me most was that the same man of God Oritsjeafor, Jonathan publicly tackled his sermon on sound morality for leaders that Sunday, suddenly became a close ally to Jonathan when he got to power, some years after.
Late Umaru YarAdua
Too honest and God fearing to play
 Jekyl and Hyde with his religious beliefs
Pastor Ayo Oritsjeafor became an apologist of Jonathan and his regime to the extent of nearly descreting his ministry and testimony in an arms scandal!
The issue is why does our men of God got so easily swayed, by these politicians?
This is really the nitty gritty of this review.
Another story I was a personal witness to in year 2006, prior to year 2007 general elections was that of another pastor in a local assembly in the capital city of a state in the South West.
I would rather not mention the state, much more of names of actors involved. But I was in the church live on both two Sundays.
On the first Sunday, the Pastor spoke with specific prophetic authority against any who dare rig or manipulate the upcoming elections of year 2007. Even placing grievous invocations upon them all, both riggers and "riggees"(those the riggers will rig elections for. Àbi?).
The following Sunday, the incumbent Governor of that very state, whose wife happened to be a staunch member of the church emerged from the blues to attend church service. And he was given the podium before the main message to address the congregation.

Then his excellency in his address, began to place our pastor on a very high pedestal. How he would love to be a pastor after finishing his term as a governor and how he has appointed and anointed our Pastor to be his mentor to that effect.
That was how our Pastor ate the apple like Adam!
By the time our pastor mounted the podium to preach the days message, whether that governor get re-elected by rigging or not was of no consequence again.
His message changed from that day henceforth until he was transfered to another mission station.
Of course the Governor eventually rigged his way back to power, marshalling both his power incumbency and pedegree as a retired army officer.
But we his opponents stood our grounds firmly and ensured he did not finish his term. A year to his second term, the tribunal threw him out of Government House!
And of course about 12 years later and still counting, I am yet to hear of the ex-governor's enrollment for a Bible school prior to becoming a pastor. Talk less of needing a mentor. As for his appointed and anointed mentor pastor, .......I would rather not touch The Lord's anointed!
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The question still is, how come our leaders in the church can't take hardline stands but easily eat again and again like Adam the apple of of these politicians, then get so easily swayed thereafter?
Could the impasse and great threat, even siege the country and God's Church is passing through be God's way of wipping His servants into line?
Because all the pastors, and men of God, those who ate the apple and those who eat not, are now united in fervent and effectual prayers as watchmen, to save the soul of a nation at the brink of anarchy and The Church that is now under siege!

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