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Monday, February 5, 2018

Caught In The Act Again

A Greek gift?
After surveillance checks reportedly carried out by Algerian spyware experts, it was confirmed that China has left bugs in African Union's headquarters complex computer network. A claim by African Union leaders, the Asian power described as 'absurd'

But it was confirmed that the Asian power had left bugs in the computer network in the new headquarters complex they single handedly built and donated to the pan-African Summit in year 2012.
Osinbajo and another African leader

Yet the question still is, why should a continent with 55 nations (over a quarter of the total membership of the UN) continue to be rely on donors everywhere and every time?! When among these leaders there are those who have loots starched away in Swiss and American banks that can build the complex 10 times over.
Buhari, Obasanjo and Abdulsalami
At this AU summit - Addis Ababa
Again, it is not the first time that African Union security has been reportedly breached. Because a December 2016 investigation by Le Monde and The Intercept had revealed that African Union officials had been targeted for surveillance by British intelligence.
The truth still remains, that nothing is absolutely free in this world and nothing goes for nothing. And there is nothing like "no strings attached"

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