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Sunday, January 7, 2018

"What You Do Have In The House" Monye? By Soji Omole

After getting a little bit over the guilt and miserable feelings of missing church today, being the first Sunday of the year, for sleeping late around 4:50 am, I grabbed my phone and stumbled on a post my very good friend - Yinka Adewuyi shared. It was Stella Monye's desperate cry for help, to save her son. With Stella lacing the appeal, for help with a detailed narrative of how it all happened to Ibrahim, her only son.
Really, my mission was to merely show sympathy with my comment, beginning it with a lamentation of how we have been treating our own stars here, compared with their peers in the US and go my way.

But as I was punching away on my phone, like a foetus, something began to evolve and grow in my mind, so I kept punching until what I planned to be a short comment and move on, rather became a long prose. And encapsulated within the prose was an idea.
And idea, as they say, rules the world.
Stella Monye may find it useful, maybe.

Below is the comment turned long prose.

"Its rather pathetic.
To a musician of Monye's status in US, N35 million naira would have been a pittance.

But see what our promoters and marketers have done to our musicians here.
That's why God will continue bless the duo of Kenny Keke Ogungbe and D1 for taking the gauntlet to stop this ripp off and exploitation of our stars, by promoting and raising a new generation of millionaire music stars.
A friend showed me the eye popping building of P-square at Rock Haven in Jos. I can't but open my mouth.
If to say am in Lagos, I will personally take Monye to Kenny Ogungbe.
Could they on her shoulder be her son - Ibrahim?
Let Kenny Music seal a deal to remix and repackage her old songs, promote and raise the needed funds.
But now that am not in Lagos, I hope someone will get across this idea to Monye. Idea rules the world, so they say.
From what I have passed through in life, I have learnt if not the hard way that life does not offer free lunch. You've got to put something on the table.
You've got add value to the other party. Even the widow of prophet in the Bible who ran to Elisha for help, was still asked "what do you have in the house?" Thank God she got a vessel of oil in the house and that solved the problem. Otherwise her children would have been sold to slavery for a debt her late husband owed.
Stella Monye "what do you have in the house?" Old songs can be repacked and remixed. Even new ones you have composed but yet to hit the market. Think. Especially in this generation of moral bankruptcy, that your song "oko mi ye" if remixed, repackaged and promoted may raise the entire money.
The song "we are the world, we are the children...." was a collabo to raise funds.
Musicians here in Nigeria who would rather than give money prefer to come to the studio for such a collabo.
Give this idea a try Stella, and save your child.
I believe this idea I offer is worth more than thousands, I could have donated" .... to save your son Ibrahim, and put songs of joy in your mouth, Stella.

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