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Monday, January 1, 2018

The General Of The Year: Sam Omatseye

Where is now thy mouth?

Nnamdi Kanu had his secret service. 

He had his soldiers. 

Earlier in the year, he declared that he was going to war. No compromise to Nigeria that he described as a zoo. He was an Igbo general, he told himself, although he wore a cap that was a phony version of a man he would not brook: Obafemi Awolowo. 
Maybe because he envied him since Awo also went behind bars for treasonable felony. Kanu was that megalomaniac. He also had a sort of spectacle that had the rims that mimicked the Ikenne sage – sort of. But no matter. Kanu was pictured mounting a guard of honour. He played host to some mighty men of the east, and he began to see himself brushing shoulders with Buhari, his gaoler, in short order. Not until Buhari ordered the routing of his men, who had no resistance or a whimper of a prayer or even a war plan. The worst of it was the disappearance of Kanu. No one knows where he went, or how. The general even has no troops to remind us he once swayed in the east. What a war commander!

Our take at Soji Graphics:
The Yorubas in Nigeria say "Taló njé ode aperin n'íwájú ode àpànìyàn, taló nje omo ákúwárápá n'íwájú omo akúpátápátá"

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