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Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Ardo Kunuri Story: By Ayuba Chifartawa

When we were growing up one of the events we looked up to was the arrival of a certain herdsman called Ardo Kunuri. It was claimed then that the heads of his cattle were countless. If any one dared to count them he risked sudden blindness. Any time the rumours of his arrival came up, farmers would be eager to know the direction he would follow that was if they could not notice from the distance the dust raised to high heavens by the movement of the mamoth herd.
Ardo Kunuri's garke, (Humsa word for a herd) never made any detours on its  movement unless it met a mountain or an impassable body of water. It didnt make detours because of a farm before it was ready for harvest. The farmers strive to be near their farms  at such occasions, not in order to prevent the herd from mowing the
farms or pick quarrels with the revered Ardo Kunuri  or his numerous assistants but to ensure that no one else collected the 'compensation' for their crops that Ardo Kunuri would dish out in a number of hefty cows.
Before entering a farm, Ardo Kunuri would survey it and in his private assessment allocate and tie number of cows commensurate with the sieze and expected yield in the farm. After passing he would reassess the farm and add a cow or two if he thought the farmer was not adequately compensated.

Successors of Ardo rejected education, to breed their cows, they rejected civilisation, but stone age method.
No one quarreled with the Ardo. No one ever called him names. Because no one had ever complained and farmers were richer after his herd had passed through their harvests, those who became rich as a result of the cows compensation were mostly taunted as ' is Ardo Kunuri not the source of your wealth?'
And it came to pass that  many years later, Ado Kunuri  was no more. And the herds that came were few and scanty. They destroyed the farms and left behind no compensation cows.  So the farmers started guarding their crops. Where is Ardo Kunuri, these others are not rich enough to compensate so they pick quarrels and fight and fight even to death.
                 By: Polycarp Ayuba Chifartawa
Our take @ Soji Graphics:
Why won't they fight even to the point of killing themselves and killing others?
It is poor men that pick quarels, fight and kill, since they have nothing to lose.
Many of them have lost their cows and are more or less livestock labourers keeping others cattles.
1). It is poor men pick quarrels with others now.
2). The more you give the more you have. It is a universal law. We are not surprised Ado Kunuri has uncountable cows.
3). The more these people kept perpetrating evil, the less cows they have and the poorer they become.
Again, we have it on good authority that many of these herdsmen don't even have cows of their own now. The ones they keep are for others. They are now labourers, keeping cows for others. Many of them retired generals, who now arms them.

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