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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Attention To All Nigeria Farmers

Attention to not only Benue, Adamawa, Taraba, Nassarawa, Plateau, Igbo, Niger Delta, but to all Nigeria farmers.
1). It has been discovered that DRY red hot pepper POWDER is a good pesticide against all grazing insects that affect our farms.
Just sprinkle or spray it on the leaves and on the entire farm and the pathway of these insects, and go your way. By the time you return to the farm again, you will join Fela to sing the song "double wahala for deadi body, and the owner of deadi body...."
Be it as it may, farmers are hereby encouraged to now henceforth cultivate and also inter crop these insecticides called ata wéwé in their farms in massive quantities.
A big pepper tree
Also cultivators of cannabis farms can now win themselves automatic amnesty from the wrath of the law, by switching over to raw dry pepper cultivation as the prices of it will soon skyrocket. Because it will now be a major raw material in high demand for these grazing pesticides.
It will be bye bye to being chased up and down every day by NDLEA operatives.
2). All farmers in Nigeria are also advised to go into massive bees farming.
This will (a). Bring drastically down the market price of honey and knock out the fake sugarcane honey out of market. (b). Any time owners of these "deadi body" come calling to the farms and villages with their AK 64, all the farmers and farm hands need do is to open up the "armoury" and release these bees on them and fara soko (dive for cover). As many of these bees their AK 64 can shoot let them shoot. And as many of them the bees can also sting in retaliation for shooting them, let them sting. Yorubas say "omo iná làá rán s'íná"
3). Let all Nigeria livestock farmers also go into massive poultry and fish farming. And also large quantity farming and breeding of rabbits and grass cutters. It has been discovered that they are more proteinous and have less fats and cholesterols than "deadi body" meat.
These will create LESS DEMAND and bring drastically bring down crash the prices of "deadi body" and the "owners of deadi body" will finally look for another business and stop killing your children and raping your wives. So also their so called sponsors whom from our research are big men, some them retired officers, that arm them to keep their "deadi bodies" will look for somewhere else to invest their money and not on "deadi bodies" again.
Far more proteinous, with less fat and cholesterol, compared to beef meat
A plate of catfish peppersoup
More proteins, less fat and cholesterol
 compared to red meat
Let any not take this as merchandising laughter and humour but give it the widest circulation to all and among our farmers across the length and breath of Nigeria. That they can even be inter cropping these dry pepper in every of their farms. So  also they can have many beehives in these same farms in case of any eventuallity.
And in case they come wearing protective clothing, let it be news to farmers.
They have only made themselves "ògùnshòs" (combustible materials).
Ògùshò Night at Igbajo
At the strike of a match and kerosine from a SAFE DISTANCE ..... Haba Nigerian farmers "e jási naw" (you got the gist naw) .....
4). Now that Nigerian farmers have known who really their enemy and enemy of Nigeria is, let them and their grown up children be ready with their voter cards. Right from ward councillorship level, to chairmanship level, to gubernatorial level, to........any one flagging the name of party, who have the the blood of these "owners of deadi body" flowing in their veins, vote NOT for them, but vote them out.
Nigerian farmers may not, because of the powers that be, handle this pests the way Ghana handled them, but here is a more excellent and ruthless way.
The Bible say: "wisdom is better than weapons of war" yes far, far better than AK 98.
Ecclesiastes: 9:28

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