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Friday, December 1, 2017

Worse Than Rwandan Genocide

This is nauseating, very nauseating was my comments when I saw the horrid pictures of dehumanising treatments Arabs are meting out to black Africans in Libya. Even if modern day slavery is now being practised and allowed, while world leaders who supposed to know better look the other way, I believe it should be practised with a human face. But this is horrid, to say the least.
Again the same words have come to play again as it was in Rwanda in 1994 "At the end of the day we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends"
Africans are being dehumanised, while those who called themselves friends of Africa kept mute at the gory sight and horror.

What then must we do?

1). As a matter of urgency Africans through their leaders must take their destinies in their own very hands and for an Allied Army. Then defy all United Nations charter or law and invade Libya and free these immigrants now turned slaves from those dehumising selling them like fowls.

2. All the perpetrators of these acts, plus both sellers and buyers must not be shown mercy by these Allied African soldiers but be treated with uttermost and ruthless brutality.
3. Let a special Tribunal like that of Arusha in Tanzania be constituted after the liberation operation and let all whatever remains of the remnants of all the squoundrels involved in these heinous crime against humanity be given life or long jail sentences, if possible pay the ultimate capital punishments.
None but ourselves can free our own selves
4. Starting from Nigeria let all coalition of human right activists mobilise and occupy all Lybian embassies to tell them that the game is up.
5. Let anyone that dare advertise phoney travel arrangements and jobs to any of these third world countries, Quatar or what have you be hencefort brought to book by Nigerians themselves. I trust Nigerians know how to handle things their own way when it comes to matters like these.
None but ourselves can free our own selves, to borrow this lyric from Bob Marley.

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