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Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Axe Is Laid Upon Those Trees

As someone who studied Divinity at a prestigious Bible Institute, I dare not wish my neighbor any evil. Even if that neighbour  elopes with properties I entrusted his and God Himself arrested him with two fine crutches without notifying me. Who am I then to question how He fights for His anointed and properties dedicated to Him, against the sons of Gehazi and Achan?

But that by the way, some issues I still need to raise, in as much as I will not wish any, evil.
1st week; Rome was on fire, Nero was busy playing with the fiddle.
2nd week; Rome continued to burn, Nero continued playing the fiddle.
3rd week; the music went on on the violin.
4th week, a supine lackadaisical, feeble causal 1 or 2  paragraph of "regrettable" bla, bla, bla, while Rome kept burning.
5th week as the fire raged, it spread and caught the house of one of Nero's sons.
And within 12 - 48 hours, Nero and his aides reacted and began to run helker skelter, looking for air ambulance, acknowledging sympathies, and visits from palace court officials and feeding the public with situation reports, while Rome still burns!
Just within 12 hours, when Nero son's garment caught fire! Haba kena!!
I wish no man evil, o.
But the axe is laid on every tree. And every tree that bringeth not good fruit is.......
Please let somebody leave party loyalty out of this.
Loyalty to my calling comes first and foremost.
Shipping petroleum products to consumers
And what I heard The Spirit saying today is:-
"The axe is laid upon every tree.....and every tree that beareth not fruit...."

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