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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Unanswered Questions On Annihilation Of Regional System: Soji Omole

Otherwise what would we have need to restructure in Nigeria again, if the post independent regional structures has been left intact and unaltered?

You kept saying it is the military, military and military, that is to be blamed for tampering with the original regional structure....
But the question still is.......who was the head of that military goverment, that scrapped the then hitherto Regional System of government in Nigeria?
Eye witness account has it that he went into a room in consultation with his tribesman, the then senate president. Next after, he came out pumping his chest "As supreme commander of Nigeria Armed Forces, you hand over power to me" As if it was a relay baton.
The decision he took to scrape the regions and introduce a Unitary system of government in place of regional, was it in consultation with the then military establishment and a collective decision of that same establishment or a product of that consultation with his fellow tribesman, - the then Senate President?
What advice did that tribesman gave him when they went into a room and discussed behind closed doors? A discussion I believe must been in their tribal language.
God, The Invisible Listener to every secret conversation knew what was discussed and cannot be taken for a ride.
How come that the suggestion for continuity of government by the cabinet of Tafawa Balewa was turned down and the then Senate President refused to swear in Alhaji Dipcharima, who was nominated as the substansive prime minister, when Balewa got missing in action?
The flimsy excuse the then Senate President trickishly gave then was that he need to consult with the the President, also another tribesman, who was out of the country. Was there no telephone system then, to put a direct call through to another country on a matter of national emergency? There may not be mobile line them, but there was the conventional Abraham Bell' s landline.
Why was the gallant police officer who found the remains of Tafawa Balewa detained and later on sacked? What offence has he committed? So he would have left the remains of Balewa to decompose and rot inside a forest?
If your answer is yes, God The Author of life's answer is NO. So which one stand, yours or God's?
Thank God, the officer was later reinstated, grew through the ranks and retired as a commissioner of police.
What was the motive and intention of our oga supreme military commander and head of state, for scrapping the regions after grabbing power? So that resources can be concentrated at the centre and he can grab as much as he can?
Enough is enough of this long decades of cover up of the very actors that plunged this nation into the very problem we are grappling with now, with introduction of a unitary system of government now decorated an epileptic federalism.
Swearing in of Nigeria's first prime minister
Until these questions are answered and we stopping putting the blame on the doorstep of the military as the collective entity responsible for this heinous act against the collective soul of Nigerians, let the kidding of ourselves continue.
                    Soji Omole

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