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Friday, June 23, 2017

INEC Writes Melaye:

INEC writes to Melaye,begins recall process July 3.
Kunle Jukosenumi writes:-
After the verification of the signatures of the people who voted for him, Dino Melaye aka the [people's senator should begin to pack his baggages preparatory to leaving Abuja never again serving his people. What an irony.
The lesson here is that anyone who lives in a glass house must not throw stones. Was Dino Melaye ever a saint? Was it right of him to invite people like Patience Goodluck Jonathan and others to the launching of his book" Antidotes For Corruption" THEREBY MAKING A MOCKERY of the fight against corruption? Truly, I don't pity him. Let him carry his cross. Whoever comes to equity must come with clean hands. Dino Melaye, your hands are soiled and deep in corruption. You cannot fool all the people at the same time. The game is up. He who laughs last laughs best. Chikena

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