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Monday, June 5, 2017

Gambia: Riot In Jammehs Village

Scenes are far from serene in former president Yahya Jammeh's village as youths stage protests calling for the withdrawal of soldiers there.
All haven't been well in the Southern part of the country since Barrow's decision to ensure Ecowas soldiers watch over his predecessor's village.
First gun shots were exchanged between the Gambia army soldiers and their Ecowas/Ecomig counterparts in April amid bit of a dispute over control of Jammeh's home.
But matters has taken a new dimension with youths of the area now demanding withdrawal of Ecomig's soldiers. Tension brewed up this afternoon as angry youths waved placards, burnt tires and held up traffic.
The protests came after at least two people got shot according to reports but there were no heavy casualties.
Heavy smoke envelopes in the background as up to hundreds, largely youth and women lit up stuffs while others demand exiled Jammeh's immediate return, in a chilling footage of the incident going viral on social media.
Demonstrations have become very akin in post-Jammeh's era in what many call an 'unfortunate twist' of the phrase democracy.
Weeks ago, similar protests but different in tones, were staged in Farato and Gunjur with youths demanding government's swift intervention over the handling of land and fishing there.

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