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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Aareona Kakanfo Again?

Giving in to Gani Adams propaganda machinations to crown him the Aare Ona Kakanfo will lead to doom of Yoruba Nation. 
Neither has he shown he posses sufficient integrity nor that he is a man of strict covenant with his tongue.
To adorn a for-profit mercenary  with the valour cashock and place the sceptre of maelstrom in the hands of a quarrelsome irascible fellow will only lead us to avoidable chaos.
Past experience with Gani Adams is enough to know if the money is right he will gladly lead a war against his kindred.
The title of Generallisimo of the Armed and Unarmed Forces of Yoruba Nation should not be place in the hands of a man whose wisdom and temperament is below average.
We won't have the opportunity to turn back the hands of time if we allow our immediate emotions lead him to the eleventh coven.
That might be our collective nemesis. 
I trust in Alaafin and doubt not the Oyomeesi in wisdom......

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