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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Not Even An Imbecile Would Have Accepted This

(iv) Biafran troops will, after the liberation of the Yorubaland, remain in that territory only for as long as we in Biafra consider it necessary for the Yorubas to consolidate their
position and sovereignty against any external threat.

(v) On the liberation of the Yorubaland, you will be appointed as the Military Governor of that territory.

(vi) The liberation of Western Nigeria will be a prelude to the liberation of all Yorubas up to the River Niger and the severance of all connections between the West and the North at Jebba.

(vii) During the period of Biafrans troops presence in your territory, all political measures, statements or decrees shall be subject to the approval, in writing by myself or on my authority.

(viii) Should our troops arrive and liberate Lagos, the government of the Republic of Biafra reserves the right to appoint a Military Administrator for the territory. Such an Administrator will remain in office until a merger of that territory with Yorubaland is effected by Biafran troops.

(ix) As soon as possible after your appointment as the Military Governor of Western Nigeria and separation of that territory from Nigeria, you and I must meet to discuss:
(a) the duration of stay of Biafran troops in your territory;
(b) the areas and subjects of cooperation between the liberated sovereign states of Western Nigeria, or by what name it may call
itself, and Biafra.

4. I do not need to remind you that Biafra regards all Yoruba as friends. As such everything should be done, to ensure the minimum force and loss of life are involved in achieving the objective of liberation.

5. It is essential, in order to avoid
misunderstanding or confusion, that all subsequent requests for support be formally made to me by you in writing.

6. Will you please signify in writing, your acceptance of the above conditions so that you
may leave for Western Nigeria and lead the army of liberation.

Yours very sincerely,

Lt. Col. Odumegwu Ojukwu,
Military Governor and Commander in Chief of
Biafran Armed Forces."

culled from " A Break in the Silence : Lt. Col.
Victor Adebukunola Banjo, pp.66-68, by F. Adetowun Ogunsheye, Spectrum Books, Ibadan, 2001

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