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Friday, February 24, 2017

The Ingrates Of Apatheid Enclave


My dearest ungrateful brothers & sisters in South Africa

The BBC worldnews, as been reporting once again, that you've started attacking fellow African brothers & sisters home, business & local groceries store most expecially in Pretoria area
You call those Ghanaian, Nigerian, Zimbaweans, African-Americans, African-British, Carrebean & Jamaicans foreigners
Some of you may suffer from memory loss of what life was under apartied regime which enslaved you in your own country, those so call foreigner now by you are the ones that help to liberate you from that evil regime
These people setup those business which inturn is what is driving your economy which provide you jobs
The doctors, nurses, teachers are in your country to sustained your health & education system something beneficial to South Africa, the business people came with their own money while your home grown politicians steal theirs
Pik Botha live among you, Nelson Mandela was locked away for 27 years but you sat on your hands now, you're looting, burning down properties of those who stood by you in hours of your needs.


Our Take At Soji Graphics:
Won't Pik Botha now be smiling in his grave in derision? We could still remembered like yesterday when a friend Gbenga Oyebode showed me his infamous speech about these scoundrels in his office at Osogbo in year 2007. We could imagine him saying, "...but I told you to leave me alone to put these animals where they belong. But you won't allow me. Can you see your life now?"

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