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Friday, February 10, 2017

Dividends Of Democracy In Absentia?

1. Fulani herdsmen have never killed anyone since 19th January 2017 he left Nigeria rather some of them were arrested and paraded to the public.

2. For the first time since he became president, no single person involved in peaceful demonstration was killed. Buhari had killed about 2,000 unarmed Biafrans on peaceful demonstration according to IPOB.
Shai Muslims also claim the massacre of about 2,000 of their members by Buhari.

On Monday  6th February 2017, anti Buhari's government protest took place simultaneously in 5 different states of Nigeria, not a single shot was fired. Not a single tear gas canister was released. No single injury.

The Acting President Professor Osinbajo told the protesters : "we hear you loud and clear".
Can you imagine? Even when Police banned the rally Osinbajo said it was the fundamental human rights of the people to protest.

Could Buhari have said this? He would have accused Goodluck Jonathan of lawlessness in assembling disgruntled elements to bring down his government and order the police to shoot at sight.

3. The Acting President Osinbajo has forwarded the name of the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen to Senate for confirmation as Chief Judge after 3 months of waiting.

4. For the first time in two years, an economic plan has been released without him.

5. I believe that there will be more benefits before he returns to Nigeria.

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