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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dividend Of Dollarcrazy?

What shall we shout at this? Sànpànán ooooo!? Ijele oooooo!? Or.......!? Seeing this Huge Wads of Money matched with the level of suffering in town leaves one with no less than a feeling of heartbreak.

In a system where people are struggling each day looking for little funds to pay for basic amenities just to live.
Yet this is found buried and now exhumed in the compound of Andrew Yakubu, an ex - NNPC Managing Director in Nigeria!
Should a common man, try  to approach this Dr. Andrew Yakubu man to  seek for some sort of help or demand for a level of investment in a viable business idea, you will begin to hear all sorts of grammar and stories.
That even if security aides block you having access to him, or push am comot, from you or push you comot from him. Then whatever is left of any zeal for the idea becomes dead on arrival.
Selfish, heartless and insensitive lots, they are!
They don't really care about us.

The social media is our tool. We have to begin to ask Questions and challenge those who have failed on their responsibilities.

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