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Monday, February 20, 2017

Buhari; 31 Days After: Samuel Ajayi

Today makes it exactly THITY-ONE days our dear president traveled out of the country and away from his duty post on vacation that later became "medical vacation". Since he left, the following have gone to either visit him or check on him.
1. Senator Bola Tinubu
2. Chief Bisi Akande
3. Hajiya Aisha Buhari
4. Senator Ibikunle Amosun
5. Mrs. Daisy Danjuma
6. Senator Bukola Saraki
7. Hon. Yusuf Dogara
In all these visits, there were always photo ops to show that evil-wishers should be ashamed of themselves. Message: the president is as fit as fiddle. Nothing dey do am. Only that we don't know why a man okay is away from his duty post. Initially, we were told he was "hale and hearty". Then, we were told he wanted to use the opportunity of the visit to see his doctors. Then, the presidential image maker, Femi Adesina, said he could not return as he had to wait for results of some tests. This was two weeks ago.
There are some fundamental questions:
1. Who wrote the letter extending his vacation? (I asked this since presidents don't write their own letters)
2. If it was written by his secretary, does it mean it was written in Nigeria, taken to UK for the president to append his signature, and then brought to Nigeria for onward delivery to the National Assembly?
3. It was written in London (or wherever), did the secretary travel with him? And also the presidential letterhead as well as the presidential seal?
4. Has the Senate officially received the letter extending the vacation?
5. If an employee is off his duty post for a month, what happens? (In case his supporters don't know, Buhari is MY employee as a taxpayer)
And finally...
I raised these posers because no one has OFFICIALLY confirmed that the president is sick and hence, he is on sick leave. Instead of trying to come out clean, what we see everyday are pilgrimages (with photo shows) to UK to see a man that is supposed to be "hale and hearty".
As the president begins second month away from his duty post and this tasteless circus goes on, once again, I think it is time Nigerians were told the truth:
WHAT IS KEEPING THEIR PRESIDENT AWAY FROM HIS DESK?                             Samuel Ajayi

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