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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Before Nigerians Kill Buhari: Goke Butika

I must say that I have not found any justifiable reason for Nigerian President seeking  medical help abroad, rather, it exposes Nigeria as a nation that has gone under. I was in Houston when former President George Bush and his wife were admitted to hospital in Texas, and the hospital was so close to my house that I drove around it several times. So, for President Buhari to be hibernating in London, whether at home or in hospital without daily update to Nigerians still points to the fact that, the country needs a leader with 21st century compliant.

Hmmmmm. Nigeria is a complex nation where hypocrisy is on its four. Naira as a means of exchange is plunging almost every other day, and the central bank seems to have run out of ideas. Meanwhile it is very convenient to blame the bank governor just the way I have done several times, but what I am witnessing in America has changed my worldview about the scope of the problem. But before I reveal what I found, please join me to ruminate on the forces that are wrestling the country.

The erstwhile governor of Delta state, the ex-convict James Ibori who has just been released from United kingdom prison finally returned to Nigeria with fanfare, and before he came home, some Senators and House of representatives members had travelled to Uk to welcome their “mentor” back from prison. Of course, I would be committing fallacy of hasty generalization if I use the same brush to tar all the federal lawmakers, but for the fact that the bad apples among them were not reprimanded for their untoward action, we could suggest that the legislature is stinking or better still, a cesspool of corruption.

However, I must own up to the fact that I have no axe to grind with Buhari, because he has done the needful by transmitting letters to the national assembly, asking his deputy, a Professor of law and a God fearing man to man the driver seat of governance. I think we should shift debate to what Osinbajo is capable of delivering before Buhari returns. Yes, he has questions to answer on moral ground, but that is another discourse for another day.

Now, let’s return to the meat of the matter. I found out from my investigation that Nigerian politicians and their accomplices have designed a smart way of money laundering. They had stolen so big in naira, and kept the money at home; then they would look for some people to act as fronts who would search for people in America and Europe who want to send money to their Nigerian accounts or to their people. The fronts would offer to send the naira to their accounts, while the clients in diaspora would send dollars to the fronts accounts abroad.
So, if naira crashes to N500, these fronts are ready to pay N550. In that wise, foreign exchange is not really taking place officially, because the dollar/naira exchange is not at par; for the money market, only naira is available. The import of this finding is that, hundred of Buhari cannot stop the naira bleeding for now.

Are you not surprised that the bank account of the so called “human right” lawyer Mike Ozekhome was frozen? It was reported that Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state paid him N75 million from the illicit money the loud-mouthed governor got from Dasuki’s armed funds, and funny enough, the money is just a part payment. No wonder, all manner of corruption politicians are now patronizing Ozekhome’s chamber, and this is one of the human beings who are calling for the head of Buhari. This points to the fact that some people wanted Buhari dead for different reasons, and it is advisable for the masses to watch with eagle eye, before the forces of darkness hoodwink the people into their whims and caprices.

Butika writes from Texas, USA

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