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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Welcome To Africa

There are 8 ethnic groups in Gambia. These are: mandika ( about 41% of the population); the Wolof( 15% ); the fula( 19%); the jola( 10%) the serahuli; (8%) the serer( 2.5); the Aku( .8%); and the manjago(1.7%). But most of the critical appointments are from his minority Jola tribe. From the inspector General of the police to the chief of defence staff to minister of Interior to the Director of National intelligence Agency( NIA) to head of the presidential guards."
  Culled from Olusegun Adeniyi's scolumn, on this day, Thursday 19th of January, 2017.
    Folks tell me any country in Africa where the situation is different, may be South Africa and possibly Ghana. With these glaring ethnic challenges in Africa how can we surmount our developmental challenges. If we we don't resort to the ethnic card, we will push in the religious card or both as the case in the contraption called Nigeria.
In some cases the ethnic or religious cards are used when the days of the corrupt and incompetent leaders in Africa are numbered. Just read this unfortunate blabbing of the of Banjul dictator as again captured by Adeniyi.
... At the campaign podium on 1st June last year, Jammeh threatened an ethnic cleansing war against the majority  mandika tribe which his main opponent( and eventual winner of the election) Adama Barrow belongs. " in 1864, there were no mandikas in this country. You came from Mali and have solid evidence that the mandikas are not from this country. I will wipe you out and nothing will come of it.." Jammeh ended his rambling campaign speech in which he pitched one ethnic group against another."
  Welcome to Africa where leaders hold their people on their jugular using ethnic and religious cards. Welcome to Africa where competence  is relegated to the background and primordial ties take over governance. Welcome to Africa where leaders are not afraid to destroy human lives and do it without blinking of eye just to stay in power. Welcome to Africa where leaders appoint people to strategic and sensitive positions based on the ethnic and religious considerations. Welcome to Africa where instruments of coercion are not used to defend the people but to oppress and dehumanize them. Welcome to Africa where a Lilliputian like Jammeh can lead the people. Welcome to Africa where power is held by its Leaders against the will of the people. Welcome to Africa where leaders stay to power indefinitely and relinquish power only when forces beyond them are at work. Welcome to Africa when..  we can on and on.
Jenny Fwa

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