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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Report Of Nigerian And American Pastors Meeting On Nigeria

Held Saturday January 14, 2017 in California
CONCERNED NIGERIAN AND AMERICAN PASTORS met yesterday to pray and address the situation in Nigeria.
Carefully and prayerfully read and pass it on.
May God bless Nigeria.
There is no nation in the world that determines how long a king, Oba, Obi or Emir should stay in office. They are our Royal Fathers. The Queen of England has reigned for over 50 years and she is still counting. Until she dies, nobody can terminate her. Elected government officials have terms that are measured for them to be in office. They are voted in and when their term is over or they serve the maximum term allocated to the office they hold, they are expected to Naturally step down. The maximum term for the president of most countries are two terms of 4 Years each.
In the case of God's servants, they are THE CALLED OF GOD. HEY DO NOT SERVE TERMS LIKE POLITICIANS. They are OUR SPIRITUAL LEADERS AND DESERVE ULTIMATE HONOR AND RESPECT wherever  God appoints them to serve. In the United States of America, we have a great man of God known as Billy Graham. The government honors and respects this our FATHER IN THE LORD, Another great man of God is Morris Cerullo they are all honored by the government of this great nation. Benny Hynn is another mighty instrument in God's hands as well as T. d. Jakes. If the nation that created DEMOCRACY still finds a place to honor GOD AND HIS SERVANTS, where did NIGERIA got the idea of giving ungodly mandate to our FATHERS IN THE LORD IN NIGERIA.
OUR FATHER IN THE LORD Pastor E.A ADEBOYE is to Nigeria what evangelist Billy Graham is to America and the world at large. The British government honored Him and appreciated his contribution to their nation and the world but politicians in Nigeria want to retire him. Bishop David Oyedepo is a liberator who has committed his entire life to building a new specie of human beings who will tomorrow transform the world. His message of Faith spans many nations of the world and is liberating people from poverty. He has built many schools and Universities. While politicians are stealing our money and stacking them abroad, the true servant of God is laboring daily to improve the quality of education in Nigeria.
The Government has sinned by making ungodly pronouncement regarding these men of God. Nigeria Government needs to apologize  because they went beyond their bounds. You do not determine the duty, salary, term of office of another man's staff. Nigeria government did not establish the church, they did not call any of these men of God to service. They are not civil servants. They are Servants of the Most high God. If you touch them, you touch the APPLE OF GOD's eyes.
The issue of Nigeria remaining as ONE NATION
It will be in the best interest of Nigeria to continue as one nation only if it is the WILL OF GOD. Those who are criticizing Bishop Oyedepo and pushing for his arrest should know that he is a spiritual leader and a father with churches in Southern Kadina. Many of his spiritual children were killed who were members of Living Faith Church. Allow a father to cry when you kill his children. Let him cry to his God. Let him pour his heart to GOD. If some leaders can arm killing agents to freely kill innocent children, women and young boys and girls without remorse, and nobody is calling for their arrest yet, those calling for the arrest of the servant of God should turn elsewhere. The authorities themselves know who to arrest that they failed to arrest.
Nigeria will be good to continue as one nation if:
1. The future of our children is guaranteed that they will not become orphans because of religious riots that is created to target Christians.
2. If everyone has equal opportunities to climb to any level like in the USA where Barack Obama became president despite his color and race.
4. If there is equal distribution of wealth such that one tribe does not seat on the wealth of the nation to the disadvantage of other tribes.
4. If freedom of religion is guaranteed to the point that government will not allow anybody to be killed because of the way they choose to worship God.
5. Every citizen of nigeria after living and paying tax in a particular city and state can have the privilege of becoming a permanent resident of that state and can become a governor or hold any office in that state.
3. If Igbos are not marginalized. The Biafra Issue is rising to another level Marginalizing the Igbos is fractional using the nation. We know that there is a law the says when a group of people try to secede and fails, if will take 50 year for them to be fully reintegrated. Counting from 1970 till 2017, we have 47 years. By year 2020, it will be 50 years that the war ended. For Nigeria to remain One, we need to celebrate the oneness by fully re-integrate the Igbos into the main stream of Nigeria.
Many Igbos have been killed in Nigeria for no just cause. The first murder I witnessed in my life as a young child
Was that of Igbo neighbors that were killed in Kano in 1966. That episode is still fresh in my memory. They were clubbed to death right before my eyes. We need to repent to the blood of innocent people that Nigeria has be shedding.
If this is not done, THEREFORE TO FULLY CONTINUE AS ONE NIGERIA, PREPARE TO MAKE THE IGBOS FEEL WELCOME AGAIN BY YEAR 2020. Let the entire nation be set in motion. Igbos have contributed so much to the economy of Nigeria. They should have their own slot of leading the nation by 2020. If Nigeria misses that opportunity, the nation may have new boundaries, new name and new territories,
The 1914 Amalgamation of Nigeria already expired that was the the SOUL of Nigeria. No new document as far as I know is binding us together like that document. If that agreement has expired after 100 years, Nigeria needs a NEW SOUL.
This report is the conclusion of our Inland Empire Pastors meeting yesterday in California concerning Nigeria. May God bless you all.

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