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Sunday, January 8, 2017

RCCG New Development: The New Covenant Church Example

I agree with my bosom friend Yinka Taiwo in his blog that Pastor E.A. Adeboye's decision to step down as the G.O. of the church in Nigeria and appoint another as Nigeria's G.O, is an example of humility. I also want to posit that his decision is humility enveloped in wisdom. And if there is anything Pastor E.A. is legendary for, it wisdom.
That new law that govern churches, christian ministries and mosques even civil liberty organisations only applies in Nigeria. Not even in nearby Togo. And RCCG is a worldwide ministry.
Though headquartered in Nigeria, the fact still remain that it not limited in Nigeria but in over 190 countries!
So what are the rest of Nigerian Church leaders waiting for?
So cede Nigeria office to the new legislation in submission to Nigeria laws and remain the global head, since there is no world law not even that of United Nations, that legislates tenureship of a global or worldwide G.O. of a church or mission.
With this I believe other leaders can follow his wise example. Cede Nigeria leadership of the church to the locals and assume global headship. Q.E.D.
The New Covenant Church decades ago has laid this example and precedence over two decades ago. As if the leadership forsee this legislation coming. First they adopted a "Conference Centre" system of zonal or regional leadership. Then they have a National Overseer over Nigeria Conference Centres, a National Overseer for United Kingdom etc., while Reverend Paul Jinadu remains the global General Overseer!
What a foresight!
Whatever the lobbyists of this new legislation planned to achieve, be to reap where they have not sowed or out of whatever intention noble or ignoble, they must have shot themselves in the leg.
Bravo Pastor E.A. Adeboye and Reverend Paul Jinadu!
Wisdom is indeed better than weapons of war. Ecclesiastes 9:18
The church is marching on!!!

Soji Omole

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