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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Must Adama Barrow Learn The Hard Way?

It is all over Google, it has even got viral. But the stories has been confirmed not be true. The Gambian president elect, Adama barrow is still alive and well. But there is still a lesson for us all to learn on how to use this our mouth with discretion.
A lesson never to count your chickens before they hatch.
Adama nearly learnt the hard way.
If you are going to probe your predecessor, why not wait till power get into your hands?
Why not keep praising and eulogising Jameh as the best thing that ever happened to Africa, the father of all African true democrats etc., until his head swells that he don't even know when he finally hands over power to you.
And after power reach your hands, you unsheathe your sword!
Even a ten year old Yoruba boy in Nigeria understands that trick. How much of a man of over fourty?
Had Barrow played smarter, things wouldn't have gone this messy.
Much more of getting messier with rumours of his assassination!
Adama should not have been that careless both with his mouth and one just hope that he is not also being careless with his personal life, security wise.
Barrow ought to have understood that he is dealing with a beast. A beast of no nation, a desperate beast of no gender. How could he be that careless to underrate such a beast like Jameh.
So, sorry Adama Barrow that things are come to this level. To a level of his being alive or not becoming a subject of hypothesis!
And so so so sorry for Jameh, for his days are certainly numbered. Except ECOWAS leaders be morons, toothless bulldogs that bark but cannot bite.

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