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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Another Sucidal African Demagogue

GAMBIA's lame-duck PRESIDENT YAHYA JAMME...on my mind...

President Yahya Jammeh took over power in a coup in 1994 in a tiny country of 1.9 million Gambian people that is nearly surrounded by Senegal. He later transformed to a civilian president and won all of the next five elections, finally losing the most recent election of December 2016. He is to leave the stage on January 19, 2017 and handover power to the winner, President-elect Barrow, a real estate developer who has never held an elective office before (like President-elect Trump). He is waiting in Senegal to come in to Gambia to be sworn in tomorrow, a day before President Trump is sworn in. A few days ago, his youngest son died from a dog bite in Gambia. He could not attend his funeral for obvious reasons. Of all the kids to be beaten by a rabid come it was the president- elect' son? Africa is my father's land o!

The most urgent problem now is that Jammeh is refusing to handover and has declared a state of emergency. Not so fast says the International power, who had sent our Nigerian President Buhari to him to warn that there would be consequences if he fails to hand over peacefully and if his actions lead to the “loss of innocent lives”.
God bless baba Sala- oro bi iya bi iya kii tan loro Yahya. The man is just playing Russian roulette. Hand over power already...and go enjoy all that you have stolen for over two decades, since 1994.  Go into asylum somewhere, do something yeye man...but nooo..."I will not quit" he said.
Mohamed Ibn Chambas, the U.N. special representative for West Africa and the Sahel, told the U.N. Security Council Friday that the Nigerian-led delegation was “to leave no doubt about the determination of ECOWAS to use all necessary means, including force to have the will of the Gambian people upheld.”

With 24 hours to the expiration of his mandate , President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia is digging in. He has declared a 90-day state of emergency...and I am laughing at what he will do when his security forces are withdrawn.
When President Jammeh decided to reject the result of the election, his only hope is the supreme court. The Gambian constitution gave him 10 days to appeal. He may still be able to do that if he can hide under the ambiguity of "10 days" as 10 "business days." The other issue however is where are the judges to hear the case?The Gambia Supreme court has been made redundant since 2015, intentionally to frustrate appeals to the court. If you invest heavily in ensuring that your judicial system is weak, ineffective and corrupt, you cannot expect the same system after 22 years to suddenly be effective because you now need it for your rescue mission, says someone.
Nigeria has deployed a warship in readiness to launch an attack. The warship, NSS Unity is on the move and  currently sailing off the coast of Ghana. A senegal-led ground force is on standby.
Jammeh decried “extraordinary” foreign interference in his country’s affairs and December’s election.
In an interview in 2011 with the BBC's Focus on Africa radio programme, Mr Jammeh said he did not fear a fate similar to Libya's killed leader Muammar Gaddafi or Egypt's ousted President Hosni Mubarak. Hopefully he will get his wish.
In 2013, he vowed to stay in power for "a billion years" if God wills. Unfortunately for him, the voice of men has become the voice of God in his situation.
He claimed in 2007 that he could cure aids and infertility with herbal concoctions. No record of how many he has healed.
He walks around with a "prayer" bead and a stick...(they will soon knock them off his hands, lagbara o ba
He divorced his first wife, married two more but  warned that his youngest wife is the only one to be addressed as the 1st lady.
Warned in 2008 that gay people would be beheaded...

His defeat at the recent poll came as a huge surprise because he seems to have his people under his leash. Jamme ran one of the most feared intelligence agencies in Africa and his people dare not talk evil of him. Whosoever dares will have his head removed from his neck...not funny. The egocentric is officially referred to as
"His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Doctor Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa".
I am sure that Buhari has offered that he could come to Nigeria for Remember that Nigeria offered asylum to Liberian warlord Charles Taylor in 2003 to help end the civil war he started in 1989, but it was forced by international pressure to hand Taylor over in 2006 for trial for war crimes committed in Sierra Leone. Taylor was convicted in 2013 and is serving a 50-year sentence in a British prison. Jahme may very well serve 100 years if not sent to the gallows like Saddam Hussein of Iraq.
Join me in watching this unfolding event with keen interest knowing that African leaders do not learn from history...the 'were dun wo loja' Scene one...

Janet Fashakin, New York, USA.

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