Random Musings Of A Nigerian Enterprenur

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My Brief Thoughts on Our Politics:

By 2023, we might just begin to get our bearing or we may all together choose to lose it.

It took 36 years for irresponsibility and corruption to be forced upon us as a culture, it has taken another 16 years for us to choose it as a right and see it as an opportunity to go in there and steal our own.

We view governance, not as an opportunity for our reps  to improve our collective good but as the turn  of our brothers, sisters, fellow Christians or Muslims to represent our mundane interest.

Sadly in the last two years, we have seen how difficult it is to infuse correction into our collective programming. It seems the status is better, easier, more PR friendly, will get more support from a people. But can we blame the people when in the mix of the personnel saddled with actualising change, there are power centres who radically refuse change? That in spite of the best intentions of the man overwhelmingly voted in as president, his foot soldiers would rather engage in the foolishness that brought us here? Not to add to the fact and very true reality that President hasn't been nimble of mind to act in deploying the obvious, like sacking inept cabinet members, implementing free market policies, etc; these including many others have sent the message that old things can come back into place.

But I am not surprised, I had my expectations well balanced when I desired a change in government. It was either going to work or not. Every assessment of risk plans for this position. But what I decided was that I must exercise my right to eject an inept administration.

*there is no change that was going to be dramatic enough to be magical, it is actually shallow thinking that would attempt that expectation.

*even if corruption was wiped out and oil went back to 100$/barrel over night, change would still be incremental. We can't wish ourselves out of a situation we behaved ourselves into.

*it is my and our job to constructively stay on the behind of this government whether we like them or not - constructively I said.

Last and most importantly, you do no good for yourself, your family,  your community,  if you are only online making noise. I said 2 years ago that we may start seeing any improvement in 2017/2018, and even at that, whatever good comes out of this government, it is only those who through their skill, competence, entrepreneurship, personal development, etc have made themselves relevant,  that can take advantage of that good. If no good comes from government, ensure you are doing good for your business.

Atiku is gearing up for 2019, Buhari is not looking like going home after 2019, PDP has clowns posturing as their leaders, the leaders of this govt in the Senate have their own agenda separate from those in the executive. 

If we have a better deal in 2019, I have no problem voting out Buhari. But I do not see anything radically useful happening in 2019.

Once again, I advice - go and do GOOD for yourself. If you need help, apart from MMM,  i can point you in the right direction whether you like me or not.

God bless.