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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Outrage As Mugabe's Son-In-Law Got Top Job

Zimbabwe's national airline appointed a new Chief Operating Officer but the news was greeted with shock and ire.
Simba Chikore was appointed to lead the struggling airline but many Zimbabweans are angry Chikore is President Robert Mugabe's Son-in-law.
Chikore is reported to have worked as a pilot for Qatar Airways and Emirates but both airlines have disputed these claims.
Air Zimbabwe is $300-million in debt and has had to cancel flights regularly in recent months, while employees have either been retrenched or not paid salaries.
"It proves that the state has been privatised.  It's now controlled by a Mugabe dynasty." Says Obert Gutu, the spokesman for the opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change
Air Zimbabwe board, Chipo Dyanda, however, says Chikore is the best man for the job because he excelled in the interviews and did well in psychometric tests.

It is not the first time Mugabe has appointed family members to top positions in Zimbabwe.  Patrick Zhuwao, Mugabe's nephew, is the country's Youth and Indigenization Minister and another nephew, Albert Mugabe, is the head of the Zimbabwe National Road Authority.

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