Kebbi - Lagos Rice, Finally out.

Sometime last June, the Lagos State Government announced that they've gone into an agreement with the Kebbi State Government and signed a Memorandum of Understanding - MoU on massive production of rice. The government of Lagos under the amiable and right-thinking Governor Akinwumi Ambode said they invested over N10 billion in the rice production and the rice would be ready and available in Lagos around December.
Lagos Government actually built a Rice production plant in Kebbi that which can produce produce 20 metric tone of Rice per hour. Meeehn!! This is massive!
The Rice is finally out! The Lagos-Kebbi - LAKE RICE -  is in Lagos. "Lake" is an acronym for Lagos-Kebbi.
The Lagos State Government said they would distribute the rice to all local governments in Lagos, including the 57 LCDAs to ensure the rice is circulated everywhere in Lagos. The rice will start going on sale from December 15, which is next week. The rice is of 50kg bag and other sizes. A 50kg bag will be sold for N13,000.
This is what we've been saying. When you see a Governor with brilliance, it won't be long for you recognise one. You can imagine Lagos that has no land to farm going all the way to Kebbi to invest massively on the production of Rice. This is because the Governor can use his brain to think out of the box. In addition to this, the Lagos State Government has said they are installing world class rice milling plant in Lagos so that they can also be milling and bagging the rice that will go round the whole of Lagos.
This is a Governor who can think and make the unthinkable happen and not like some banana-peeling, okada-climbing, bread-sharing, judge-beating, lose-mouthing, complain-giving, noise-making, market-going, palm-oil-pricing, tomato-buying, ponmo-cutting, fish-slicing, palm wine-drinking, buka-branching, allocation-looting, bailout-funds-swallowing and rabble-rousing governors who carry heads like post delivery bike-rider's helmets without anything inside than to continue waiting for monthly allocation.
Mind you, Dangote Rice will soon flood the market too. That's the way to go. The baba olowo invested billions in Rice production too. By the time Dangote Rice arrives the markets, the prices of rice will drop drastically and Made in Nigeria rice will take over.