Is This True About Arik Air?

I got information that my leader, Mentor and the servant Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will return to Nigeria yesterday after weeks of vacation and business trip abroad. I was to be at Abuja international Airport around 8- 8:30pm to welcome and honour the servant leader. Around 9 am I sent one of my kids to go to Lagos Airport to get me a flight ticket. He got the ticket and I was billed to check in by 2 pm as I was told it is a 3 pm flight. I got to the Airport by exactly 2pm and I was there till about 10pm when someone who recognized me helped to get a boarding pass. During my 8 hour ordeal I saw first hand the shame that is called Arik Air. After collecting money they abandon their passengers without shame. The management speaks to nobody. They cancel flights with reckless abandon. They have no system, no organization, no template and no sympathy. This is the story of a company who does not know how to manage success.

Arik Air controls almost 70% domestic airline business in Nigeria.

Arik Air has the highest number of aircrafts in Nigeria

Arik Air knows how to collect money from passengers but do not know how to deliver efficient services

Arik Air has no skills to manage its success

Arik Air shows no remorse for its human rights abuses and abuse of office.

Arik Air thrives on impunity and gross inefficiency. I can go on and on.

Now what do we do with Arik Air?

The Ministry of Transport and Aviation should investigate Arik Air . I understand that many petitions have been written about Arik Air and their miserable performances but the federal government has refused to pay attention. Arik Air  cannot pay the debt it is owing Aviation Fuel suppliers. Arik Air Welfare to workers is nothing to write home about. Arik Air workers are being owed months of salaries. Many of the workers have resigned and walked away. Arik Air celebrate impunity as if they enjoy immunity from the federal government. Given what I saw of Arik Air  management  yesterday i think that time has come for the government to carry the big stick. The shame that is Arik Air must not be tolerated any longer. Something must give way.

I want everyone that has suffered Arik Air impunity, inefficiency, gross incompetence to speak up now. We must collectively stop this nonsense. Please share your experiences with Arik Air and let the world know. Arik Air must perform or it gets out and the time is now.

Joe igbokwe